Will Kim Kardashian Quit ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ Because Of Family?

Rumors of Kim Kardashian quitting Keeping Up With the Kardashians are gaining momentum, after it came to light that the reality star is reluctant to shoot the show. While suspending the show after the Paris heist made a lot of sense, reports that the mother of two has become disinterested in the show, according to Movie News Guide.

It is not a secret that KUWTK is no longer the hit show it used to be in its early days. A good number of people, many being millennials, have lost interest in it as seen by its spiraling TV ratings. Ending the show under the guise that Kim wants to maintain her privacy in the aftermath of the $10 million Paris robbery could act as a good excuse for the directors.

However, Inquisitr is reporting that Kanye West could have a big role in Kim Kardashian quitting Keeping Up With the Kardashians. According to media reports, Kanye is encouraging his wife to quit the show as it continues to put her and their two young children in danger. Mr. West may have a point, given that Kim quitting KUWTK could dim the spotlight on the family, allowing the kids to live a normal life away from the limelight and constant public scrutiny.

According to a family insider, Kanye does not expect the family to suffer any financial implications with Kim calling it quits on the reality show.

“Kim definitely does not need the money anymore and Kanye told her that ‘there is not one good reason’ why she should continue doing this show,” a Kardashian insider told Radar Online, regarding West’s advice to quit earlier this year.

Despite being an A-list celebrity, Kanye is not a fan of cameras, unlike his other extended family members. Whether he will be successful in convincing Kim Kardashian to quit Keeping Up With the Kardashians remains to be seen. Mom Kris Jenner is already emerging as a big hurdle in Kanye getting what he wants in having Kim off the show.

While Kris understands the situation that Kim finds herself in after returning from Paris, she is reportedly not prepared to have her out of the show. Just like any successful businessperson, Kris knows very well that it will be the last nail in the coffin on Kim calling it quits on KUWTK. According to a family insider, Kris has been urging her daughter not to forget that the show made her an international star that she is proud of.

Rumors also have it that the reality star faked the Paris robbery incidence in a bid to bolster KUWTK ratings, which have been on a decline in recent years. Starcasm claims that the mother of two confessed to the KUWTK crew that she faked the robbery incidence to give the reality show more exposure

Kim Kardashian quitting Keeping Up With the Kardashians would be the last piece of a puzzle of a show that is already a shadow of its glory years. Amidst the fears, Kris is reportedly open to supporting her daughter in whatever decision she makes about KUWTK.

Kim has taken a hiatus ever since she lost jewelry worth millions of dollars during Paris fashion week. It is understandable that the incident triggered a wave of negative thoughts about the reality star, given that she has a young family that needs her more than the public.

While initial reports indicate that she was severely shaken by the incidence, it is slowly emerging that she has picked up herself and could be planning a major comeback into the public scene. However, it is not yet clear if she planning to make a comeback in front of the cameras.

Up until she returns to the set, rumors of Kim Kardashian quitting Keeping Up With the Kardashians should continue to take a toll on the once popular show ratings.

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