Lady Gaga Dishes On How She Landed Her Super Bowl Gig, Upcoming Tour

Lady Gaga dished on several topics during her appearance on The Howard Stern Show, explaining to fans how she landed the Super Bowl Halftime performance as well as her upcoming tour.

Lady Gaga — who was announced earlier this fall as the lead performer during Super Bowl LI — told the radio show host what the NFL required of the “Born This Way” singer in order to land the coveted prime-time performance, Us Weekly reported on Monday.

“Basically, the NFL wanted to talk to us about doing the halftime show but they wanted to hear the new record. I played them Joanne [Lady Gaga’s new album], they loved it and it was the record that sealed the deal!… You get to perform on the biggest stage in the world, and they help you to put on the show.”

The Super Bowl Halftime performance will serve as the second straight big game fans have heard Lady Gaga perform. At Super Bowl 50, the musician sang the National Anthem while fellow musicians Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars served as the halftime act.

Lady Gaga also announced to her fans that she will be touring after the Super Bowl performance during the interview on The Howard Stern Show. Lady Gaga took to Twitter to inform all of her fans after the interview, sharing a picture she snapped with Howard Stern to capture this moment.

The Huffington Post surmised the unnamed tour in 2017 could lead to a revival of Lady Gaga’s career. Suggesting the tour’s tickets could be some of the most sought-after of her career, the article predicted that 2017 could be the biggest year for Lady Gaga yet. That’s impressive considering that in 2016, Lady Gaga made history as the first musician to perform at the Super Bowl, the Grammys and the Oscars in the same year.

Lady Gaga also dished about her relationship with former lover Taylor Kinney during the interview on The Howard Stern Show. Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney ended their relationship and called off their engagement earlier this year amicably, according to the “Perfect Illusion” singer.

“I hate to sound like a hippie, but I kind of am one and so is he. We love each other, that’s it. It’s just about life changes, and we all go through different stages and we’re focused on different things… I’m actually very close to Taylor. He’s been my lover and my friend for a really long time. He’s been so supportive of the album [Joanne], and I support him on his show, Chicago Fire.”

Lady Gaga performs onstage during the MTV Europe Music Awards 2011
[Image by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]

Lady Gaga expanded on the relationship she and Taylor Kinney enjoyed. The artist did the same thing on her Joanne album, telling Howard Stern that multiple songs from her compilation drew on the relationship between Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney.

“To be fair, I think that Taylor’s pretty f–king cool that over the years no matter what creative transformation that I’ve gone through, he’s always been very supportive of that and loving. There’s a lot on this record inspired by our relationship, and he’s super supportive of me expressing myself artistically.”

Even with their amicable split, Lady Gaga still has emotions to work through regarding her ex-lover’s potential new partner. When Howard Stern asked how she would react to Taylor Kinney dating in the future, Lady Gaga did not hold anything back.

“I’m not going to f–king throw a party!” the “Poker Face” singer quickly retorted.

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