‘Pokemon GO’ Update 0.43.3 Rolls Out, Teases Massive New Feature

Niantic has officially rolled out the latest patch for Pokemon GO. Designated as version 0.43.3 for Android and version 1.13.3 for iOS users, the new patch includes a number of new features for the popular augmented reality game. Apart from the usual fixes and aesthetic tweaks, the newest update has also provided fans of the game with a preview of an upcoming feature that might change the mobile title for the better.

Pokemon GO is arguably the biggest title in the mobile game industry today. While the game might have lost its place as being the most lucrative mobile game in the world, it still holds the most number of active players. Recently, industry estimates state that Pokemon GO still has about 10 million active players who use the app every day.

Getting players to stay with the game has always been a challenge for the augmented reality title. Just a few months ago when the game was launched, it saw hundreds of millions of players accessing the game from their mobile devices. Soon, however, millions of active Pokemon GO users opted to leave the game, with many citing the lack of features in the app and repetitive gameplay as the main reason behind their departure.

A photo showing a player accessing the interface of Niantic's 'Pokemon GO'

This appears to be one of the reasons Niantic seems intent on ensuring that the game remains updated and fresh all the time. Numerous features have been added to Pokemon GO lately, such as the Buddy System and augmented support for the game’s exclusive wearable, the Pokemon GO Plus. Now, with the 0.43.3 update, Pokemon GO has added yet another set of features.

The most notable changes to the game could be seen in the game’s Eggs, which players are required to hatch by walking a certain distance. Previously, Pokemon GO Eggs looked identical to each other, but with the latest update, the items now look different.

The monsters’ information screen has also been augmented by Pokemon type icons, which makes viewing the Pokemon’s stats a bit more fun and quirky than before. The 0.43.3 update also adds more support for the Pokemon GO Plus, with the app now detecting and warning players when the wearable’s battery reaches low levels.

Lastly, the 0.43.3 update also applied minor text fixes to the game, though many players and other Pokemon GO aficionados are quite unsure as to what these text fixes are. What is more interesting, however, is that a number of resourceful Pokemon GO fans have found references to a new feature in the mobile game that is embedded in the code of the 0.43.3 update.

'Pokemon GO' has brought players of all ages to explore the outside world.

While data mining, several Pokemon GO fans found references to “Daily Quests” that would be rolled out in the game. Very little is known about this new feature so far, but it seems like Niantic is adding yet another patch that is, like the Buddy System, designed to keep people playing the game.

Several lines of code were referred to in the latest update, including “First Catch of the Day” and “First Pokestop of the Day.” Several lines of code seemingly referring to Egg Incubators were also mined from the 0.43.3 Pokemon GO update. Overall, these lines of codes seem to point to the introduction of a new feature that would reward users for playing the game every day.

Daily quests have already been done by other prolific mobile titles in the market right now, and so far employing this strategy has resulted in players being more engaged with the title. While the new feature does not have a release date yet, its presence in the codes of the game does show and prove that Niantic is serious about keeping its current user base satisfied and engaged.

Of course, amid all the updates that have been rolled out to the game, what many players are really looking forward to would be the introduction of a new Pokemon tracker. As Niantic brings down the ban hammer on players who use third-party trackers, numerous users have called on the developer to release its own official Pokemon tracking feature instead.

[Featured Image by Pixabay]