1791 Denim: Glenn Beck Launches An American Made Jeans Line

Glenn Beck’s goal of developing jeans that are 100 percent made in America is a worthy effort and helps create jobs, but there is one important flaw in the new 1791 Denim line; they are too expensive for most middle class families to afford. When the fiscally conservative commentator took a hard look at some of his most preferred denim companies last year, he reportedly discovered that they were manufacturing their jeans overseas. Frustration gave way to an idea for designing and making a new line of 1791 Supply Co. jeans right here in the United States.

The 1791 Denim line became available in a limited supply on Monday. The made in America jeans are spun at Cone Denim Mills in Greensboro, North Carolina and cut and sewn at a Kentucky factory that opened during the 1920s. The 1791 jeans are attractive, boast a traditional manly style, free of flashy designs, baggy legs, a saggy waist, or acid wash adornments. The American made jeans currently come only in a standard 34 length and feature a classic western style.

The skilled denim craftsmen who worked on the jeans appear to have done their jobs well, according to the details about the durability of the jeans. While The 1791 Denim jeans do seem extremely well made, the average middle class family will likely find it difficult to work a $129.99 pair of jeans into an already tight budget.

When Glenn Beck launched the 1791 clothing line, he wanted the brand to tell a story, and selected the 1791 theme because that was the year the Bill of Rights was included in the Constitution, according to L.J. Herman, who runs Mercury Radio Arts merchandise. All of the proceeds from the clothing line are used to fund Beck’s Mercury One philanthropic organization. The group’s stated goal is to restore America, one town at a time, with a neighbors helping neighbors mindset.

The concept of the clothing line is laudable, but many middle class families are struggling to pay $50 for a pair of jeans, shopping for clothing at thrift stores, or making do with the clothes already in their closets. The American made 1791 Denim jeans may face an uphill battle for success outside of an upscale market. The entire Glenn Beck clothing line is crafted to last, in the same spirit as the millions of garments made during the 1950s and 1960s manufacturing era. The $129.99 price tag could be a bargain in the long run, but forking out that much cash at this moment in time, even to support such a worthy America made product, could still be a hardship for the common man.