‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Norman Reedus Calls Daryl A ‘Prisoner Of War’

The season premiere of The Walking Dead Season 7 left many fans slack-jawed. Many claimed the show went too far in the violence when Negan smashed in the skulls of both Abraham and Glenn. Others believed that the violence was necessary to show the level that Negan has beaten Rick down to. However, there is not as much talk about what happened to Daryl.

Comicbook reported that Norman Reedus referred to his character Daryl as a prisoner of war. What fans saw on The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere was Daryl lash out at Negan for killing Abraham, inadvertently leading to the murder of Glenn. That is something that Reedus said will affect Daryl from here on out on The Walking Dead.

“[Daryl] doesn’t know what is going to happen to him. Part of him doesn’t care. He goes to a point where this is the shitty world we live in, and the weight of so many things is weighing on him right now that he’s lost the will to fight a bit.”

That is not the best place to be in because Negan took Daryl hostage after he made his point by killing Abraham and Glenn and then almost forcing Rick to cut off his own son’s arm before finally letting up. This is a nice setup for The Walking Dead fans because they can see the world of Negan through the eyes of a character we know in Daryl.

This season will feature a ton of new locations and settings, including The Kingdom and King Ezekiel, which will be introduced next week through the eyes of Carol and Morgan. Daryl will be with Negan at the Saviors camp, Rick and company will return to Alexandria, and there is still the Hilltop to get back to as well.

As for Daryl and Negan, Norman Reedus said that Daryl goes very dark. With everything he has gone through on The Walking Dead, including the death of his own big brother, it seems that Daryl might be reaching the end.

“[Daryl] does certain things that he can’t go back from. He goes to a very, very dark, dark place. It’s a combination of hatred. It’s a combination of self-loathing. It’s different from when he first started on the show… It turns now into he kind of hates himself. He hates the world that we’re in, and he doesn’t lose the fight in him, but he definitely no longer sees anything good in the world, that’s for sure.”

The Inquisitr previously reported that there is a chance that the role that Carl played in comics as someone who grew along with Negan might end up going to Daryl instead. With Negan taking Daryl with him, that looks like it could be the case.

There are a lot of things for fans of The Walking Dead to consider right now. With the ultra-violence of the Season 7 premiere, many fans are threatening to quit the show. However, that might be a mistake. Negan is the most interesting character in comics and brings freshness to the show. Adding Daryl to this adds something to it.


Next week’s episode of The Walking Dead sees the arrival of Ezekiel, his pet tiger Shiva, and The Kingdom. Where the Season 7 premiere destroyed viewers and turned some away, the second episode is guaranteed to be a fan favorite episode thanks to the awesome Kingdom. The fate of Daryl will have to wait. Now is the wrong time to back out on The Walking Dead.

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