Taryn Manning’s Assistant Forgives Her For Slamming Her Head Against The Wall

Taryn Manning was arrested after a violent altercation with her assistant several days ago, and was charged with misdemeanor assault on Friday. Still, Manning’s lawyer says that the two are good friends despite the dust-up, and the assistant has apparently forgiven Manning for the fight.

Manning was arrested late in the week for allegedly assaulting assistant Holliann Hartman inside the Dream Hotel in Chelsea, reports Fox.The 33-year-old actress was in Manhattan Criminal Court on Friday with defense attorney Joe Tacopina at her side. Manning was ordered to stay away from Hartman after allegedly punching, scratching, and choking the 23-year-old in a melee that left the assistant bruised.

Tacopina soft-pedaled the altercation in court, calling Hartman Manning’s “longtime friend,” adding that the assistant is “part of the Manning family. She stays with the mother and Taryn in California.”

The criminal complaint stated that Manning had “slammed her [Hartman’s] head against the floor and wall,” in the fight.

“There are some personal issues,” said Tacopina. “Disagreements that friends who spend every waking moment together have on occasion.”

Furthermore, there are no hard feelings on Hartman’s part, reports the Daily Mail. She reportedly forgave Manning mere hours after the brawl.

Manning is probably best known to audiences as “that girl from that one movie” (that movie is 8 Mile), but she’s actually quite the Renaissance celebrity, with careers in fashion design, music (she’s the vocalist for the electronic duo Boomkat), and business (co-owner of the clothing brand Born Uniqorn). She has also made a name for herself with bit roles in various films like Crazy/Beautiful and Crossroads and a substantive supporting role on the FX TV show Sons of Anarchy. Legal troubles have not kept Manning down, and it looks like she’s already back to work:

My video for ‘Send Me Your Love’ comes out tomorrow!!! My song is currently #6 and rising on Billboard club charts!! So excited