Tuna Factory Death: Bumble Bee Foods Says Product Was Not Contaminated After Tragic Accident

Bumble Bee Foods released a statement today saying that its tuna products were not compromised after the tragic death of one of its workers over the weekend.

The tuna factory death halted production at Bumble Bee Foods on Saturday. The Inquisitr reported earlier that Jose Melena, an employee at the plant, was found cooked to death in the company’s “steamer machine.”

After the accident, Bumble Bee released a statement:

“The entire Bumble Bee Foods family is saddened by the tragic loss of our colleague, and our thoughts and prayers are with the Melena family.”

Production at the plant was temporarily shut down to allow authorities to investigate the tuna factory death. The company said that it would resume production today.

Bumble Bee Foods vice president of human resources Pat Menke, said:

“Operations at Bumble Bee Foods’ Santa Fe Springs processing plant have been suspended since yesterday morning to allow for a thorough investigation. We expect to be able to resume operations on Monday.”

As the workers at Bumble Bee Foods get back to the production line this morning several customers have commented on Facebook that they were worried that the accident may have contaminated the food and they were going to stop eating Bumble Bee products.

One user writes:

“From all the pictures and comments on this site and the recent news that a man was cooked to death in one of your steam machines I will not EVER purchase Bumble Bee tuna.”

Bumble Bee released a statement saying that food quality was “very important” and that the quality of their product was not effected by the accident this weekend.

Bumble Bee said:

“In regards to the tragic incident that occurred at our plant this past week, the entire Bumble Bee Foods family is saddened by the loss of our colleague. Due to the nature of the accident, food safety was not compromised and we are cooperating with safety officials to determine the cause of the accident.”

Do you eat Bumble Bee Tuna? Do you think that the product is still safe despite the fact that a man died in the company’s steamer machine?