The 10 Best Overlooked TV Series On Netflix That Are Binge-Worthy

Some of the best series on Netflix to binge-watch are not only their originals, but they host plenty of TV series that are very compelling as well. Most Netflix subscribers are well aware of their original content like House of Cards, or popular TV shows like How to Get Away with Murder, but many overlook some of the best TV series that are very compelling. Some of the series on this list are dramas, others are comedies, and some are more action-packed, but they are all worthy of some Netflix binging.

Being Human

Both the original British drama and the U.S. version of this unique series are available on Netflix. Even though the American edition isn’t quite to the standard of the original, it is still very compelling and entertaining.

Twin Peaks

Though it was only two seasons long, which makes for easy binging, this series remains a cult-classic. The David Lynch show will be re-launching on Showtime next year, so that makes it perfect timing to catch-up on this bizarre story. Movie Chambers describes why this is one of the best series on Netflix.

“25 years since the début of ‘Twin Peaks.’ Really? The first season of this horror/comedy soap opera was unbeatable entertainment. Off-the-wall funny and thrilling. Each episode made me long for the next…”


Starring Glenn Close and Rose Byrne, Damages is one of the best series that FX has to offer. This story offers a compelling drama filled with mystery and twists along the way, and all five seasons are available on Netflix.

The Killing

The first three seasons aired on AMC, and the fourth and final season was picked up by Netflix. Though the last season didn’t live up to the previous three, The Killing is still a riveting series worth watching.

American Crime

The first two seasons of this powerful drama are available on Netflix, and it will return for a third season on ABC in 2017. Felicity Huffman delivers a powerful performance, and Timothy Hutton’s portrayal of Russ is brilliantly overwrought. After watching the first two episodes, subscribers are likely to be drawn into this gripping series.

best series on Netflix
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Nurse Jackie

All seven seasons of this Showtime series are available on Netflix, and it is very easy to watch one episode after another. Nurse Jackie has many powerful and moving moments, but it offers some witty comedy along the way.


Both the original Australian version and the U.S. edition of this clever series are available on Netflix. Starring Elijah Wood, the American adaptation is often considered the more popular one. Jason Gann stars as the talking dog in both versions of this refreshing series.

best series on Netflix
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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series

Based on the popular movie, the first two seasons of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series is on Netflix. The third season of this Robert Rodriquez show is currently airing on the El Rey Network.

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell

If you’re a fan of sci-fi and fantasy, then you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t watch this unique U.K. series streaming on Netflix.


Loosely based on the comic book of the same name, iZombie is one of the most original shows from CW. The story offers as much adventure-comedy as it does drama, and both critics and fans alike love the show. The Washington Post describes why this is one of the most refreshing series on Netflix.

“There’s never been a series quite like this one: a self-mocking mash-up of zombie thriller, detective show and single-girl-in-the-city comedy. When Olivia eats a murder victim’s brain, she absorbs the person’s memories and has visions that lead to the killer, making her a great sidekick for dashing Detective Babineaux. And like TV’s iconic singleton Mary Richards, she’s trying to see if she can make it after all — or in this case, find “a reason for being not alive.'”

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