‘Donkey Love’ Documentary Spurs Backlash For The Okanagan Film Festival [Video]

The Donkey Love documentary is not a spoof or a joke, it is a 75-minute film meant to offer an in-depth look inside bestiality traditions in Colombia. Kelowna, British Colombia citizens took the showing of the sex with donkeys flick so seriously, the Okanagan Film Festival has been forced to look for a new venue. After word spread about the controversial documentary, angry residents protested against its showing at Landmark’s Paramount Theatre.

Not long after angry emails and phones calls flooded the theater, the venue rescinded their invitation to host the Okanagan Film Festival. A group of students from the University of British Columbia attempted to come to the film festival’s rescue, but their actions were thwarted by college administrators, due to the “short notice” of the event request, according to the Toronto Sun.

Donkey Love was screened in Australia and won Best Documentary honors at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival. The controversial and graphic nature of the topic could possibly make even Alfred Kinsey blush. The man most often regarded as the father of the sexual revolution during the 1950s, was once accused of manipulating statistics regarding just how commonplace bestiality was in the world. Kinsey’s frequently disputed data is credited with prompting drastic changes in sex and obscenity laws, Castanet reports.

A description of the bestiality documentary on the film’s Facebook page reads:

“Imagine this: You have the opportunity to go to a part of the world and discover a culture no one else, from outside of the country itself, has ever been or seen. You arrive only to discover a shocking truth: people here not only have sex with donkeys, they consider it a tradition and celebrate it as part of their culture.”

The illegal and taboo nature of bestiality does not seem to deter the desire of some Colombian men to have sex with donkeys, if the documentary’s claims are accurate.