Pregnant Holly Madison Shows Off Changing Figure In Sweet, Adorable Yellow Frock

Holly Madison may have made Peep Show a hit, but the former Playboy star and companion of Hugh Hefner is now dancing for two, as she hits the milestones of early pregnancy.

Holly Madison’s pregnancy followed her high-profile split from Hef and her subsequent relationship with Pasquale Rotella. But the transition from Girls Next Door star to expectant mom has not been a hard one for Holly Madison, and she even says her pregnancy cravings are healthy ones:

“I crave blueberries all the time … I’m making blueberry muffins and blueberry smoothies, so knock on wood my cravings stay healthy.”

With Holly’s reality show, bare-all past, one might think the ex-bunny is looking to cash in on her baby joy. But Madison says she and Rotella are taking a lower-profile approach to the arrival of their little bundle of joy, and don’t plan to film the big event.

That could change, but when asked by E! News whether a filmed birth was in the cards, Holly Madison said:

“Probably not. And if so they would be banned from the waist up, definitely.”

(As the network points out, it’s likely Holly meant “waist down,” because otherwise, huh?)

holly madison pregnant baby bump

Holly says at five months pregnant, she doesn’t expect to be able to rock a bikini for very much longer — she told press:

“I don’t know! I feel like my belly’s going to get so big the bottoms won’t even stay on … I’ll probably switch to a one-piece.”

The former Playboy star also says that she has not experienced cravings or morning sickness, and counts herself “lucky.” Do you think Holly Madison is an adorable pregnant star?