WWE News: Sheamus Says Conor McGregor Could Be A Cruiserweight Wrestler

Conor McGregor went into his rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202 by trying to get all the attention that he could. One of his tactics was to start insulting everyone in the WWE locker room, saying he could beat anyone in there and calling them “pu**ies.” That made a lot of the wrestlers angry, and many spoke out against him.

Things have lightened up some since Conor McGregor beat Diaz at UFC 202, but there are still some people who like to bring up the insults. In an interview with Sportskeeda, the interviewer asked Sheamus his thoughts on whether or not Conor McGregor could make it in the WWE. Sheamus’ answer was actually pretty funny, if not accurate.

“As far as I know he’s still going to be fighting for a really long time. I mean there’s a Cruiserweight Division now, so maybe McGregor can join the Cruiserweight Division. But I really don’t know… it’s really up to him. He’s obviously got a lot of charisma, I don’t know… if Vince McMahon feels that there’s an opportunity to make money he’ll be here.”

While Sheamus was giving Conor McGregor credit for his charisma and possible money-making ability, the Cruiserweight Division comment was a slight blow. While the Cruiserweight Division has roared back to life thanks to the WWE Cruiserweight Classic, they are still seen as a step below the main roster on WWE Monday Night Raw.

The entire basis of the Cruiserweight Division is to allow small, athletic wrestlers a chance to showcase their talents. However, they are kept to themselves, with guys like T.J. Perkins, Brian Kendrick, Cedric Alexender, Tony Nese, Rich Swan, and more fighting each other but not larger members of the WWE roster.

When looking at Conor McGregor, he fits the model of a Cruiserweight Division wrestler. He is five-foot-nine and weighs in at about 170 pounds. Cruiserweight Champion T.J. Perkins is taller, at five-foot-10, and weighs 167 pounds. On the other hand, a smaller main roster wrestler like Finn Balor is five-foot-11 and 190 pounds, and John Cena is six-foot-one and 251 pounds.

Looking at those weight classes, there seems to be little hope of Conor McGregor legitimately competing against someone like John Cena or a bigger wrestler like Roman Reigns, who is six-foot-three and 265 pounds. While Conor McGregor might pretend that he can beat up the WWE locker room, he wouldn’t have a chance against many of the top stars.

However, this is the WWE. At WrestleMania XXIV, Floyd Mayweather beat The Big Show. Mayweather is one-inch shorter than Conor McGregor, and Big Show is seven feet tall and billed at 450 pounds. But, that was a special one-time event, and Big Show told Shanghai Daily that he put over Mayweather to get the fans emotionally invested.


Now, like Sheamus said, Vince McMahon would know how to take a little guy like Conor McGregor and get him over in the WWE. McGregor is a legitimate tough guy, and he has arrogance and charisma to carry him a long way when it comes to the WWE Universe. He also knows what to say to make WWE fans hate him.

Of course, Conor McGregor would never join the WWE just to be part of the Cruiserweight Division. His star shines too bright there, and the Cruiserweight wrestlers would run rings around him. However, a spot in the WWE as a part-time attraction could be huge. Sheamus might not like Conor McGregor, but he knows there could be a place for him in the WWE.

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