Oklahoma Man Wanted For Killing Family And Shooting Police, Records Facebook Videos Threatening More Violence

The Oklahoma man accused of murdering two family members and injuring two police officers when he opened fire on Sunday in Luther filmed himself on Facebook bragging about evading capture while insinuating more violence is on the way.

News 9 reports that Michael Vance, 38, who tested positive for HIV, is reportedly on a mission to spread the virus. While near Wellston in Lincoln County this weekend, Vance allegedly opened fire on two police officers who responded to a shooting. The officers, Shawn Stewart and Jim Hampton, were treated at the hospital for non-life threatening injuries. According to Lincoln County Sheriff Charles Dougherty, “a gentleman came out with an AK-47 and just opened fire on everybody.”

Vance took two gunshots to his torso area before stealing the officers’ patrol car. Another accomplice fled in the car with him but was arrested shortly after. It’s still unclear who the other suspect is and what his part was in the crimes.

Vance drove the patrol car to a nearby mobile home park, shot a female victim, and stole her Continental. He fled the scene, leaving the patrol car behind. While authorities searched for Vance throughout the night, they discovered the bodies of two of his family members, who had died from gunshot wounds.

In the first of two live stream Facebook videos, Vance announced that the incident was “more intense” than he anticipated. He also indicated that he wasn’t done yet, and was getting ready to steal another car, “like right now.” Shortly after, he stole a Hyundai, according to Lincoln County E911’s Facebook page. Later, police said that the stolen vehicle may be a Mitsubishi.

“We have been given information that leads us to believe Michael Vance has taken possession of another vehicle and may be headed north towards Stillwater in a silver 2008 Hyundai.”

Vance, who’s likely carrying an AK-47, is white, stands five-foot-10, and weighs around 185 pounds. During his Facebook videos, he had on a gray baseball cap flipped backward.

KGOU reports that Vance is also wanted for shooting a female store clerk in Sayre, Oklahoma. He reportedly tried to steal her car. She was shot in the leg and is expected to survive.

The suspect has a troubled past, including many run-ins with police. He was recently arrested on arrested on child sexual assault charges. He has a court hearing next week. Court records indicate that he’s also been arrested for felony larceny of an automobile, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, writing fake checks, and assault and battery.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation joined the Wellston Police Department and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office in an attempt to capture Vance. The state bureau wrote that close to half a dozen agents are currently searching for Vance.

“Nearly a half dozen OSBI special agents are investing the shooting of two Wellston police officers. The Lincoln County sheriff requested OSBI investigative assistance.”

The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office asked the public to refrain from making non-emergency calls to 911 calls or the sheriff’s office, as they’re trying to keep the lines open for any information on Vance’s whereabouts.

“At this time this is all the information we have available for the public. We ask that you give them the courtesy of refraining from making calls to either the Sheriff’s Office or the 911 dispatch center for anything other than emergency calls. Our dispatchers are busy trying to keep our officers alive and informed as well as keeping the public safe.”

The Lincoln County Office of Emergency Management is also asking people to avoid Highway 66 and S. 3310 Road if possible.

Michael Vance is considered armed and extremely dangerous. Do not approach him if you see him. Instead, contact 911 immediately. Watch below to see both Facebook videos that Vance posted.

[Featured Image by Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office]