‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Final 6 Contestants For Nick Viall Remain During Filming

Nick Viall is down to his final six contestants at this point in filming for Season 7, according to The Bachelor 2017 spoilers released on Monday. The show is currently in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands shooting the sixth episode and will be heading to the Bahamas to tape the seventh episode soon.

Reality Steve revealed in his Bachelor spoilers that there are only six women left after just a month-and-a-half of filming. It’s a reminder of just how swiftly Nick Viall and any of the leads before him have had to move along in getting to know the women… and deciding on which ones they want to keep around for the final dates and ultimately choose a soul mate.

Which contestants make up the final six for Nick? Steve didn’t reveal names of the women, but indicated that photos will get out this week of dates in the Bahamas. Fans will get an idea who some of them are when these are posted.

The photo below shows a group date in St. Thomas that was posted by Steve on October 19.

Reality Steve added that he has an idea which contestants will make up the final four who get hometown dates, but will spill that after Nick and the cast leave the Bahamas. He further explained that once the season wraps filming, he’ll dole out the episode-by-episode details in his Bachelor spoilers.

In other spoilers for The Bachelor 2017 season, Steve tweeted that there will be 30 contestants instead of the usual 25. A “villain” is already mapped out for the season and one of the contestants makes an entrance with a camel.

In the meantime, some images of Nick Viall have been posted by Bachelor producer, Mike Fleiss, to keep fans in the loop. A few photos of Nick on the beach and gazing at the ocean have been shared on Twitter. There hasn’t been any photos lately with the women posted by Fleiss… possibly since the cast is narrowing down and the studio isn’t keen on spoiling too much.

According to The Bachelor spoilers revealed recently, the First Impression rose went to Rachel Lindsay, 31. She’s a lawyer from Dallas and is the first African-American to receive the First Impression rose. This will get news since The Bachelor has been under fire for not being diverse enough on the series. This is suspected to be a part of Nick Viall’s strategy in making good television. As The Inquisitr reported earlier, Nick is aiming to be the best Bachelor ever and wants to be the most beloved one of them all. Unfortunately, he’s not going to succeed in pleasing all of the viewers.

“I can’t give up sources on this, but the stories I’ve heard are mind blowing. At least to me,” Reality Steve wrote. “I just can’t believe how much he cares what random twitter and social media trolls think. But he does. A LOT. So coming off Bachelor in Paradise with a narrative that seemed to turn in his favor, Nick is riding on Cloud 9 heading into Bachelor filming and, as he should, wants to keep that going.”

Reality Steve added that Nick is seeking the public’s “acceptance” of his role on The Bachelor, but he’s going to be heartbroken in a different way if he fails to understand that this is an impossibility. Some will revere him as the best Bachelor while others definitely won’t. This could make fans question whether he’s on the show for other reasons than to find love. It’s more than likely just seen as a benefit to Nick if he wins mass approval as the show’s lead.

The Bachelor 2017 season with Nick Viall premieres on ABC Monday, January 2 at 8 p.m., ET/PT.

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]