WWE News: WWE Invests In Stream Service FloSports That Will Broadcast ROH, Evolve, And More Independent Wrestling Content

It appears that a hot new player is in the game when it comes to streaming services, and WWE and well as the wrestling world is getting in while it’s hot. WWE has been asking fans a lot about the idea of adding more content to their WWE Network when it comes to the world of independent wrestling. In fact, they specifically asked about TNA Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Now it appears that FloSports went ahead and went through with the idea, but it may be more interesting than that.

FloSports is a fast growing tech company that has been building its name through live, streaming, and subscription content. They have managed to get in contact with several different independent wrestling companies with the idea of bringing their content to their product according to PWInsider. They expanded out of just the random computer world and managed to make their service available on Apple TV and Roku last week to hopefully expand their reach, which may grow quickly.

Apparently, everyone seems to be for FloSports and what they are doing. They announced back in August that they received $21.1 million in new funding to as they say “accelerate the online sports network’s growth into new sports and expand its existing verticals.” They have some heavy hitters when it comes to investors who made this happen such as Causeway Media Partners, Bertelsmann Digital Media Investments, and Discovery Communications.

Ring of Honor logo
[image by ROH Wrestling]

Funny enough, another also decided to invest, none other than World Wrestling Entertainment. This made it very possible for them to expand into a major world, the wrestling one. This is a massive audience, and if they see content go there, they will be willing to look into it, especially if they can manage to get some attention. PWI claimed that things might be moving quickly when it comes to getting companies involved with this product. They claim…

“the outlet intends to start rolling out announcements this week in regard to relationships with independent outlets that will see their content exclusively shift over to Flosports for streaming.”

Clearly, WWE will be part of the product, but they will by no means move over to FloSports exclusively due to the WWE Network of course. However, other major companies seem to be getting involved. According to IWNerd, Ring of Honor and Evolve Wrestling will be part of the service. WWN Live is already a service unto itself, so it is interesting that Evolve is branching out. WWE has a partnership with WWN right now, and it is unlikely they will break away from them as will be using FloSports and WWN for different reasons.

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The fact that WWE kept asking fans about independent companies seemed odd, but now we know that they were clearly not talking about the WWE Network but rather FloSports. This might be a better option for them anyway in theory, as FloSports won’t make them do very much when it comes to anything like no compete clauses or anything. Plus WWE sees this as a business opportunity massively, as the success of the company means money for them too. WWE literally found a round-about way to make money off of the independent wrestling world.

The service, noted as FloSlam, is available right now at FloSlam.TV, which makes a lot of sense. The service has only put up the three companies mentioned so far, but expect others to roll in soon. The service costs just $20 a month or $150 for the year, which is probably one of the best offers you’ll see for any streaming service truthfully. It pays to buy the year it seems. This may seem like a pointless venture for WWE to get involved with since they already have the WWE Network, it is not so much for their content to succeed, but rather, they are betting on the company.

WWE feels FloSlam, through FloSports, could do very well and they want to be involved because it is simply good business. Imagine what could happen with this. Independent companies will now be able to see their product reach more people. PWG, Progress Wrestling, Dragon’s Gate, Shimmer, and various others will now see success where they may never have seen it before. It makes money at the end of the day, and wrestling fans will have interest. WWE still wins at the end of the day too, as they’re involved with the project. This may be genius for Vince McMahon and WWE.

[Featured Image via WWE]