June 19, 2017
'BB19' Rumors: Cast Members Names Go Public, Is A Twist Still Coming During Season 19?

BB19 rumors now reveal cast members' names as well. A leak about Big Brother Season 19 took place overnight, with information posted to Twitter that wasn't supposed to be made public yet. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, that leaked information included BB19 cast photos. Now those photos have names to go along with them, as several Twitter accounts have now posted additional facts about the 16 people who are entering the game this summer.

There are still a lot of BB19 rumors about a potential 17th houseguest being kept a secret and that the person will enter the game at a different point. It could provide an interesting wrinkle to Big Brother Season 19, but first, fans are busy discussing everything getting posted on social media early Monday morning (June 19). In addition to a post with a photo depicting the first 16 BB19 cast members, the Twitter account going by Power Of Dakota has also posted the BB19 cast names.

Working from the top left of the linked BB19 cast photo, the list below reveals the names of the 16 houseguests this year.

Big Brother Season 19 Cast List:

1. Ramses Soto2. Jessica Graf3. Josh Martinez4. Alex Ow5. Elena Davies6. Cody Nickson7. Raven Walton8. Cameron Heard9. Mark Jansen10. Dominique Cooper11. Jason Dent12. Christmas Abbott13. Megan Lowder14. Matthew Clines15. Jillian Parker16. Kevin Schlehuber

A full photo book of the BB19 cast members can be found here, making it easy to match up the photos with the names of who are in the house this summer. When the CBS live feeds post the cast interviews with Jeff Schroeder later on Monday, fans will then have additional facts to go with this leaked information. That will take place at roughly 8 a.m. PT / 11 a.m. ET, giving the live feed subscribers inside information about Big Brother season 19. With how often stuff is getting leaked to Twitter, though, those videos might pop up there soon as well.With the revelation of all these BB19 cast members, it certainly pokes holes in a lot of the prior BB19 rumors that were floating around on social media. While there could still be some "familiar faces" popping up through a twist or two, it doesn't appear that there are either returning houseguests or anyone who was on Survivor.

Already, fans of the show have been searching social media and the internet for all the information they can find on the BB19 cast list. It has generated additional BB19 rumors about how the show will work this summer and if these houseguests are part of a larger twist. Whether that's the case or not, at least fans finally have some tangible information about Big Brother Season 19 and who are about to enter the BB19 house.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]