Chinese Fireworks Display Leaves Over 100 People Injured [Video]

A Chinese fireworks display over the weekend has left over 100 people injured, according to KSDK. Those who gathered to celebrate the opening of the West Lake International Expo on Saturday evening were treated to an impressive fireworks display, one that would soon take a turn for the worse.

Approximately 30 minutes into the show, some of the fireworks somehow found their way into the crowd standing at the Grand Canal. The ensuing explosion resulted in waves of panic and over 100 injuries. Although the vast majority of the wounded were discharged from area hospitals after receiving treatment, five individuals are currently being held for observation.

“I was thinking of going home earlier than the display closed. But suddenly something unidentified rushed towards us before I realized what it was. I saw my husband lying on the ground and I picked him up. At that time, the site was in a mess as the fireworks fell on and bounced from the ground. Then we hurried to escape the site,” one witness explained.

Presently, it’s unclear what caused the pyrotechnics to misfire. However, China Daily reports that a malfunction may have occurred during the lighting process, which caused the fireworks to explode close to the crowd. Instead of heading towards the heavens, witnesses claimed pieces of the display came shooting towards them “like bullets.”


Overall, 151 people were injured during the fireworks display at the West Lake International Expo. The official website of the Gongshu district in Hangzhou explained that those people who had been “injured or affected” by the incident are currently being compensated for their troubles. According to the statement, most of the individuals have been satisfied by either telephone calls or home visits.

To see video of the Chinese fireworks display that left scores of individuals with injuries, take a look at the video embedded below.