WWE News: WWE Legend Jim Ross Says Stone Cold Steve Austin Is Done Wrestling

There are numerous reports every year about a WWE legend coming back to the company for one last match. WWE fans always ask for it, and usually, the legend obliges and makes that illustrious comeback. Goldberg just did this exact feat last week in Monday Night Raw. He was called out by Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman the week before and decided to make his presence felt in Denver, Colorado. Goldberg, a former WCW champion, made an impact with the announcement of his return to wrestling.

It may only be for one match with Lesnar at Survivor Series or WrestleMania, but it’s still that comeback to the WWE that makes it feel special. When the Rock initially returned for his two matches against John Cena, an aura surrounded the atmosphere that couldn’t be explained. There’s just something about the Great One that had WWE fans excited. He is one of the most popular WWE stars in history and can still draw fans no matter the venue or time period.

HBK vs The Rock
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For whatever reason, that same emotion fills the room when Shawn Michaels or Stone Cold Steve Austin make an appearance on WWE television. They are two of the greatest superstars of all-time, and even newer fans know their names. The last time the WWE Universe saw those two men was at WrestleMania 32 in Texas, when they came out to beat up the team of Rusev, Sheamus, Wade Barrett, and Alberto Del Rio. Even though the match meant nothing, their appearance meant the world to WWE fans.

Michaels’ name was tossed around the rumor mill all last week when AJ Styles addressed the thought of those two wrestling each other at the Royal Rumble. It’s not happening as HBK will honor his retirement. As for Stone Cold Steve Austin, that’s a different story it feels like year-by-year.

In a new statement by Jim Ross on his website, J.R.’s BBQ, he addressed Steve Austin coming back for one more match in the WWE.

“Nope… Austin is done wrestling. However, one never knows when he might make an appearance.”

It’s unfortunate for many WWE fans, as the Texas Rattlesnake won’t bring back his patented jean shorts, black vest, and boots for one final dance. It’s to be expected, however, due to his nagging injuries over the years. Austin is healthy enough to compete, but there’s nobody for him to wrestle who would make sense.

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CM Punk was the last great option for Austin, but since he will never come back to the WWE, it just won’t happen. Now, according to a recent report by the Inquisitr, the WWE wants to bring back Stone Cold, Michaels, and even the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble in San Antonio.

Will that happen? Perhaps, but the capacity is what will dictate their appearances. Neither of them will wrestle, and that’s a guarantee. Austin still participates in the WWE’s daily cycle. He even offered more advice to Roman Reigns in a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show.

“He needs a little bit more fire on the offense, a little more active, sell on the run on defense. I think that’d help him out,” Austin observed. “[H]e needs to pick his head up. He needs to sell on the run, be more active. He has a bad habit of dying when he sells. To his credit, he will sell for anybody. He’s very unselfish in the ring in regards to that.”

While the former WWE champion may not wrestle again, as Jim Ross said, he can still show up unannounced in a WWE ring to promote something or even involve himself in a non-physical manner. Either way, the Texas Rattlesnake and WWE Hall of Famer isn’t done with the WWE. Expect more podcasts on the WWE Network in the future as well.

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