‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: What’s Next For Maggie After That Shocking Premiere Death?

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere aired on Sunday night, and fans are still very much in shock by the tragic events that took place. Rick and his group have never before been so broken down, and it seems that Negan will be a force to be reckoned with for some time to come.

Warning: Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers below.

According to Comic Book, after months of teasing the huge character death, The Walking Dead finally delivered the answer to the shocking Season 6 cliffhanger. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, not one, but two, members of Rick’s group were shockingly killed by Negan and his trusty bat, Lucille, during the Season 7 premiere on Sunday night. Abraham Ford and Glenn Rhee were brutally murdered by Negan, and the group will never be the same. So, what’s next for Glenn’s pregnant wife, Maggie, now that her husband is dead and gone?

The Walking Dead Spoilers: What's next for Maggie in Season 7 after Glenn's death?
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Walking Dead fans will see Maggie mourn Glenn’s death during Season 7, but she’ll do it in her own way. By the end of the shocking season premiere, Maggie is already looking to get revenge on Negan before Glenn’s body is even buried. This will likely be Maggie’s thoughts and feelings about Negan for the rest of the season. However, she has a bigger problem to face first. Maggie’s pregnancy is in danger, and she’ll need to head to the Hilltop to see the doctor as soon as possible.

In The Walking Dead comic book series, the pain of losing Glenn is too much for Maggie to bear. She decides to leave Alexandria and her group behind to live at the Hilltop with new people. She can’t stand the thought of living in the house that she and Glenn once shared and needs a change. Glenn’s death changes Maggie, and she becomes stronger than she has ever been. Eventually, she becomes the leader of the Hilltop people, which is likely where the show is headed as well.

Fans are reportedly about to see an “incredible character unfold in Maggie,” and it would not have been possible without Glenn’s death. The Walking Dead cast has already revealed that Glenn and Abraham’s deaths change everything for the group, and the storyline will take a big turn now that Negan is in the picture.

The Walking Dead Spoilers: Rick's change in Season 7 revealed.
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In addition to Maggie’s big change, Rick will also change throughout Season 7. In the premiere, fans watched as Negan broke Rick down, and nearly had him chop off Carl’s arm. Rick has lost all control and he knows that he must bow down to Negan’s ways, at least for now, to keep the other members of the group safe. Rick will become emasculated and fall into a darker place than viewers have ever seen before.

Meanwhile, The Walking Dead Season 7 will feature many new looks for fans. In addition to Rick and the group at Alexandria, Maggie will also be seen at the Hilltop, Negan and The Saviors will be at The Sanctuary, and Morgan and Carol will find themselves in a new community lead by Ezekiel, which is called The Kingdom. This marks more groups of survivors than have ever been seen at one time on the series. Along with the new communities will come new characters who are sure to be just as interesting as their leaders. Viewers aren’t exactly sure what to expect throughout the next 15 episodes, but it is sure to be a wild, and heartbreaking, ride for the characters.

What did you think of Glenn’s shocking death on The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere? Are you looking forward to Maggie emerging as a stronger character?

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