Lindsay Lohan Will Reportedly Sit Down With Barbara Walters

Linsday Lohan will sit down in the coming weeks for an interview with Barbara Walters, according to TMZ. Although she’s a little hesitant to sit down for a chat given the amount of turmoil in her life at the moment, sources claim she trusts that Walters won’t toss any tricky or embarrassing questions in her general direction.

Barbara Walters initially expressed interest in sitting down with troubled actress Lindsay Lohan after it was announced that the Mean Girls star would tackle the role of Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime original movie Liz & Dick. The interview, which will coincide with the world premiere of the aforementioned biopic, is reportedly scheduled to take place in the next few weeks.

According to the Daily Mail, Lohan’s upcoming chat with Barbara Walters is likely to tackle the similarities between the actress and the character she plays in her latest cinematic endeavor. In addition to dealing with child stardom and living in the public eye, the pair famously struggled with addiction.

E! News reports that Walters visited the set during the filming of Liz & Dick where Lohan reportedly participated in a few interviews. However, the meat and potatoes of the proposed Lindsay Lohan interview special has yet to be filmed.

Given the troubles Lindsay Lohan has experienced as of late, it’s not overly surprisingly that she would be a little hesitant to sit down for an interview with someone like Barbara Walters. Since the veteran journalist has made a career out of asking hard-hitting questions, it’s likely she could fire off a few barbed inquiries at Lohan during their scheduled chat.

However, it’s currently unknown whether or not the interview will tackle such touchy subjects as Lohan’s recent public scuffle with her mom. Since sources have stated that the interview will be done with respect, there’s a strong possibility these topics could be off-limits.

Are you curious to see what Lindsay Lohan will reveal during her Barbara Walters interview?