Jennifer Aniston Gossip Costs Hotel Worker His Job

Jennifer Aniston gossip has cost a New Mexico hotel worker his job, according to Breaking News. Since the individual in question couldn’t discuss the actress with other guests at the establishment, his managers had no choice but to terminate his employment. Dishing on the hotel’s celebrity guests is a huge no-no, even if you have nothing but positive things to say.

Terry Siegler explained that he was let go from his position at Encantado Resort in Santa Fe after having a chat with other hotel guests about Jennifer Aniston. The hotel reportedly has strict celebrity confidentiality regulations, and Siegler violated these rules by discussing the actress with other people staying at the hotel. Although Siegler claims he said nothing but positive things about Aniston, rules are rules, regardless of what was said.

According to TMZ, the former Encantado Resort employee explained that he only told hotel guests that Jennifer Aniston was “very sweet and much more petite than I thought.” No harm, right? Apparently his bosses didn’t think so. As a result of his wagging tongue, Siegler now joins the ranks of the unemployed. Not surprisingly, he’s not too thrilled with this unfortunate turn of events and is currently considering a wrongful termination lawsuit.

Here’s what allegedly happened: Aniston, who is currently filming her new movie We’re the Millers in the area, is staying at the Encantado Resort while working on the project. When curious guests approached Siegler about the actress, he had a brief but positive exchange with the individuals. However, when a member of Aniston’s entourage overhead guests discussing the conversation, Siegler found himself in hot water.

According to the Times of India, the hotel’s manager has refused to speak about Siegler’s termination. “I cannot confirm anything about our employee, but I will say that we have a very strict confidentiality policy and we do enforce those policies,” the general manager explained.


Do you think this hotel worker should have been fired for gossiping about Jennifer Aniston?