Yahoo Homepage Redesign Leaked With Photos

Yahoo’s familiar homepage is about to undergo a major design change, and leaked photos of the search engine and content providers page show an improved interface that offers bold icons, new placement of popular products (Yahoo trends, featured stories, sign-in forms), and a new bold color scheme.

The web portal’s changes come just four months after CEO Marissa Mayer was hired away from Google to head up the Yahoo content and search machine.

While the design doesn’t change the features offered by the Yahoo homepage, it does cut out unnecessary icons and it pulls the sign-in and email buttons to the right of the Yahoo search bar. Throwing the sign-in button and email buttons next to one of the most used features on the homepage is likely an exacting move. Marissa Meyers is “platform focused,” and both of those options provide users with platform capabilities.

Here is a list of the websites full homepage changed provided by Business Insider:

  • The search bar is now centered, and is part of a darker toolbar that is fixed to the top of the page as the user scrolls down.
  • The Yahoo! logo is smaller, and no longer purple.
  • The word “search” has been replaced with a magnifying glass icon.
  • There are far fewer links to Yahoo Sites on the left side. Losers are: Dating, Flickr, Games, Jobs, Messenger, Music, My Yahoo!, and TV.
  • Local weather has its own module.
  • What’s trending has been deemphasized and moved to the left column.
  • This is a now second large story tout below the top stories.
  • Instead of just headlines, the news river has story summaries.
  • Astrology has its own module.

The image shown above features the “top real estate” space for the website, and here is what users see when they scroll down the page:

Yahoo Homepage Redesign Bottom Page