Once Upon A Time 203: ‘Lady Of The Lake’ Recap

Things got a little confusing on Once Upon a Time tonight in “Lady of the Lake.” With the people of Storybrooke waking up and Emma and Snow stuck in present day Storybook Land, there’s now three separate plotlines to follow. Caution: Spoilers Ahead!

With the help of Snow’s old friend Lancelot (Sinqua Wall, last seen on MTV’s Teen Wolf), she and Emma battle ogres with Mulan (the lovely Jamie Chung, who I’m thrilled to see on such a high profile show) and Aurora (Sarah Bolger, The Tudors) to find a portal to bring them back to Henry and the others in Storybrooke.

They get to Snow’s palace to try to use the wardrobe that brought baby Emma to our world, but it turns out “Lancelot” is actually Cora (an evil and power-hungry sorceress that makes her daughter Regina look like a girl scout), who admits she killed him a long time ago and has been posing as him ever since. Emma sets fire to the wardrobe to keep Cora from using it, and she poofs out in an angry huff leaving them stuck without a way back to Henry. But does Cora know something about the wardrobe’s magic the others don’t?

The Storybook Land flashback this week was the tale of how Snow and Charming were married. Charming raced to try to save his mother Ruth (Gabrielle Rose: The Sweet Hereafter, Fringe) from being killed by King George’s soldiers, but he was too late and she was struck by an arrow. They set out to find healing waters but find the lake has dried up and there is only a sip left. Despite Ruth’s wishes, Snow refuses to drink it and rid herself of King George’s curse. With the help of Lancelot, Ruth pretends to drink it to cure her wound but actually has him slip it into Snow’s glass when they toast the nuptials, taking away the barrenness the King had inflicted on her and paving the way for Emma to come into the world.

Once Upon a Time - Henry and David Practice with Swords

Back in Storybrooke Henry’s trying to find Regina’s vault and reunite the Mad Hatter with his daughter. He tricks Regina and steals her keys then finds the vault under her father’s crypt. Of course, going in is a silly idea because who knows what kind of evil is in that vault; luckily Charming (or I guess David on this side) stops him from getting hurt. He brings him back to school and surprises him later with a wooden sword, promising to teach him how to battle like a prince. Next week we meet Captain Hook, and he’s totally hot. I can’t wait!

Photos © ABC/Jack Rowand