The Walking Dead 301: ‘Seed’ Recap

Caution: Spoilers

Season 3 of The Walking Dead kicked off tonight with “Seed,” and, after months of waiting, I’m a little geeked out about it. Set several months after the events of Season 2, we find that Andrea and Michonne have totally become besties as they fight for survival separated from our core group, which makes their way to the prison. First they take control of the outer yard in an awesome display of zombie violence, and, after camping for the night, they begin breaking through the perimeter to the inner cell blocks in search of a secure place for Lori to have her baby.

Lori and Rick’s marriage is in shambles, and, unfortunately, right when an expectant mom could really use her baby-daddy, Rick is completely phoning it in; he’s there to keep her and the baby safe but that’s it. He rebukes any attempts on her part to try and talk about it, so Lori asks Hershel if he’ll agree to be the one to take her and the baby out should either of them die during the birth. As we now know, it doesn’t matter if you are bit; everyone is coming back a Walker one way or another.

They take control of one block and settle in for the night, setting out the next morning to explore more of the prison. The imagery this week was incredible; the flashlights bouncing off the dirty, dark walls of the corridors is shudder-inducing. They had a really good system going in the yard, circling up and moving as a unit to clear any Walkers in their path, but, in the darkness with all the bodies piled up on the floors, moving cohesively becomes impossible. They get split up after stumbling on a group of active Walkers, and Hershel, in an attempt to double back and locate a missing Glenn and Maggie (who hid behind a closed door), gets too close to a Walker playing dead.

The Walking Dead 301 - Seed / Gene Page, AMC

He gets bitten on the leg, and the moment a lot of the comic’s fans were waiting for arrived. Our group has finally figured out you can stave off infection by amputating the affected body part. Rick brutally goes at Hershel’s leg with an axe, and he thankfully passes out from the pain. But, as Rick scrambles to find something to stop the bleeding, Daryl makes the chilling discovery that they are not alone in this prison and there are more than just Walkers to contend with.

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