The Walking Dead Season 7: Where Do We Go From Here? Predictions For The Upcoming Season [Spoilers]

Caution: Don’t read any further unless you’ve already watched The Walking Dead Season 7, Episode 1, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be.”

The most traumatic episode of The Walking Dead so far has come and gone and left a really bitter taste in most of our mouths. Now that we know who was introduced to Lucille and lived through the aftermath of Negan’s brutal introduction to Rick and Company, you have to be wondering, where does Season 7 go from here?

The brutal deaths of Abraham and Glenn in The Walking Dead‘s season opener weren’t entirely without precedent or unexpected. Abraham had just outlived his comic book counterpart and Glenn’s death was foreshadowed so many times, it had almost become an internet meme. In the comics, Abraham was killed by Dwight in issue #98, taking an arrow in the eye, which was how Denise (played by Merritt Wever) was killed. And Glenn well, Glenn’s death paralleled the comic in both look and the abrupt shock value. The headcount for Rick and his fellow survivors now is almost parallel with where it was in the comics at this point in the story arc. We said “almost.” There are three outliers that have to be addressed: Carol, Morgan, and Darryl.

Carol, Morgan, and Daryl all have important roles in Season 7
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If you read The Walking Dead comic books, you know that Carol died back when the gang was still in the prison. However, there’s a case to be made for Andrea in the comics being equivalent to Carol in the television show. After all, the comic-Andrea arc is very similar to TV-Carol’s. Both go from being fairly quiet and reserved women to crack shots and people not afraid to do what needs to be done. However, in the comics, Andrea is still with the gang in Alexandria (and shacking up with Rick). Comic-Morgan was killed after an attack on Alexandria in issue #82 and died very similarly to Tyreese in Season 5. In the television series, when we last saw them, Morgan was tending to a wounded Carol when he met some mysterious men in armor. It’s pretty much a given that this crew is going to take Carol and Morgan back to The Kingdom ruled by Ezekiel and his tiger, Shiva.

Morgan and Carol meet The Kingdom in The Walking Dead
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That means that Morgan and Carol are probably going to be the dynamic duo that convinces Ezekiel to go to war against Negan and The Saviors instead of Paul “Jesus” Rovia. That opens the door to some great interaction between the two of them playing angel/devil on Ezekiel’s shoulder. Chances are that when Carol hears about Abraham and Glenn, she’s going to get over her squeamishness pretty quick.

Where Darryl fits in to the story is anyone’s guess. Since his appearance in Season 1, he’s been throwing a wrench into almost everyone’s TWD predictions about where the storyline will go. We have faith that this fan favorite is going to play an integral part in the story. If we had to guess, he’s going to fill in for Carl’s role in the comics and show everyone what The Savior’s hideout looks like.

If the story continues on pace, Maggie will take over leadership at Hilltop after Gregory tries to banish people from that sanctuary. Spencer, who has a chip on his shoulder against Rick for the deaths of his family, should meet a bad end at the end of a knife wielded by Negan somewhere around Episode 4 or 5. There should also be an epic battle between The Saviors and the Safe-Zone survivors culminating with Ezekiel coming to the rescue before the mid-season hiatus.

Whatever showrunners Darabont and Kirkman have in store for their fans during this already troubling season, it should be exciting. They’ve already got the internet abuzz after the first episode of the year. Twitter and Facebook exploded after the end of the show with many fans lamenting the passage of two of their favorite characters.

It was this tweet that brought it all home, however, showing that of the original survivors that started off in Season 1, we only have three of them left.

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