Jennifer Lopez Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction In Front Of Thousands Of Fans

Jennifer Lopez suffered from an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction on Saturday night, a malfunction that led to a “nip slip” on stage in front of thousands of fans.

Sure, it wasn’t quite the controversy created by the Hulk Hogan sex tape or the Kate Middleton bare bottom and topless photos, but it’s still an embarrassing moment.

Being the consummate professional she is, J-Lo continued on with the show without missing a beat.

Jennifer Lopez was performing at the Unipol Arena in Italy when the dress tape holding up her breasts gave way on one side.

According to concert attendees, Jenny from the block continued her dance routine and even let one of her backup dancer grope her breast. Perhaps the groping was meant to cover up her breast, but, either way, it was a nice save.

Nip slips as they are often referred to are fairly common among female celebrities. The most famous wardrobe malfunction of this type of course still goes to Janet Jackson during her 2004 performance with Justin Timberlake during their Super Bowl half-time performance.

The Jennifer Lopez wardrobe malfunction joins other famous celebrities who have accidentally bared their breasts, celebrities who include Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba, Katie Perry, Mariah Carey, Lindsey Lohan, and others.

You can see a picture of the barely noticeable Jennifer Lopez nip slip at The Daily Mirror; just beware that it might be slightly NSWF.

Lopez has not commented on the wardrobe malfunction, and, honestly, we don’t expect her to say anything about such a trivial matter.