Family Accuses Michigan Substitute Teacher Of Slamming 6-Year-Old Girl To The Ground

A family in Pontiac, Michigan, is claiming that 6-year-old Chloe was injured after a substitute teacher at Pontiac Academy for Excellence picked her up and slammed her to the ground, according to WXYZ.

Veronica Peoples, who is the child's mother, stated that Chloe was in class last Friday at Pontiac Academy of Excellence when she was trying to ask the substitute teacher – whose name has yet to be released to the public -- a question by tapping on his shoulder.

It was alleged that the substitute teacher became irate and picked up the child and slammed her to the ground, leaving her with bruises on her face.

The child was later transported to a local hospital as a precaution to be checked out. Peoples stated that it hurts to know that her daughter was treated in such a way because she wanted to ask a question.

"I would like for him to go to jail. I think it's that serious. I don't think he should ever be inside school ever again," Peoples said.

Administrators at Pontiac Academy for Excellence claim that the incident was an accident and the substitute teacher was only trying to put the child back in her seat when he mistakenly slammed her to the ground.

After the family of the injured child went public with their story, Pontiac Academy for Excellence released the following statement.
"A first-grade student was injured in Pontiac Academy for Excellence. While we regret that the injury happened, we feel thankful that it was non-life-threatening. Initial statements from the student and witnesses in the room corroborate that the injury was accidental. A substitute teacher was attempting to help the student into a seat when the eye of the student was injured against a desk.

"The Oakland County Sheriff's Office was called to the scene to investigate and a report was filed with Children's Protective Services by Pontiac Academy for Excellence. Investigations are ongoing."

"The substitute teacher has been removed from the school, and the child is home for the day as well," the statement continued. "School policy was enacted immediately, which included an exam and treatment by the school nurse, and the child's account of the incident was taken down by the elementary principal and the school social worker."
"Pontiac Academy for Excellence wishes the student a speedy recovery from her unfortunate injury."
After the substitute teacher allegedly slammed the 6-year-old girl, it sparked social media outrage.
Several social media users are calling the incident "foul," saying that the incident is "unbelievable. S*** like this can scare a child for life. Especially being that was a man. I'm praying for her. This is too f***** up."

"This is ridiculous. People love hitting children for what reason? This just pissed me off. Poor baby. I hope that teacher gets what he deserves," Joselyn Mancia wrote in a Facebook post.

A relative who is only being identified as Sayy Pooh says that the mother of the child is making plans to press charges against the substitute teacher for slamming the 6-year-old to the ground.

She says that the outcome would be different if the child's brothers -- who are incarcerated -- were out.

"It would have definitely been over."

School girl slammed by substitute teacher
6-year-old girl, Chloe, allegedly slammed to ground by substitute teacher | Image by Tennessee Photographer/iStock

Pooh went on to say that the incident has made her extremely "mad. And I'm more mad for the kids because he had all the kids in the classroom crying after he did it."

"The teacher doesn't need to just lose their job, the entire school needs to issue training to their teachers because clearly, they've lost their d*** minds. That teacher needs to be fired, the school needs to be sued, and training to re-evaluate of all of their teachers needs to be implemented so this doesn't happen again. I don't know you personally but I'm sorry you all have to go through this," Another Facebook user, Tyler Logan wrote.

"No parent should have to. I'm mad as h*** and she isn't even my daughter but the principal is wrong. The school is a joke."
The Oakland County Sheriff's Office was called following the incident and the substitute teacher has since been removed from the school.

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