‘Breathing’ Minnie Mouse Doll Can Help Your Child Fall Asleep

Does your child have a hard time sleeping or maybe just falling asleep? They might be the perfect candidate for the Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse doll. Developed in Japan the doll mimics real life breathing patterns to ease your child’s nighttime worries.

The doll was developed by Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy with the assistance of cognitive and respiratory specialist Ikuo Honma. The doll was optimized through various tests to work as the “perfect companion” for sleeping children.

According to Mashable this is how the toy works:

“When children go to bed holding the doll against their chest, they feel its slow-paced breathing pattern, which replicates that of someone sleeping peacefully. The doll doesn’t look quite like Minnie Mouse, mainly because it has muted colors designed to avoid stimulating the mind in a way that would keep someone awake.”

The idea is that children will ditch their security blanket or stuff animal and use a more effective means to feel comfortable.

The Hug and Dream Minnie goes on sale November 1 in Japan and comes at a cost of 3,700 yen ($50 USD). If you want to own a Hug And Dream Minnie and you live in the United States you can spend a whopping $101 and purchase the breathing doll from Japan Trend Shop.

Even if your child decides to keep their security blanket or other stuff animals in the bed we are still big fans of giving children all the effective sleeping aides at our disposal.

Would you buy a breathing Minnie Mouse doll for your child?