Five Reasons Why Abraham Dies On 'The Walking Dead' Season 7 Premiere

The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere begins at 9 p.m. ET on Sunday night and months of speculation will finally come to an end when TWD fans find out who Negan killed.

Everyone seems to have a theory about who lives and who dies, and there are countless spoilers circulating online that point to Negan killing either Daryl or Glenn. However, that seems a bit too predictable and there is good reason to believe that Sgt. Abraham Ford will be a goner on tonight's premiere on AMC, aptly named, "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be."

Negan was just about to decide who he would kill at the end of the The Walking Dead Season 6 finale when fans were left with a cliffhanger that has sparked plenty of conversation over the past six months. Daryl, Rick, Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Sasha, Carl, Glenn, Michonne, Aaron, and Maggie came face-to-face with Negan's barbed-wire bat and at 9 p.m. on October 23, the rumors about who died will finally come to an end.

While we anxiously await the season premiere, here are five theories as to why Abraham will die on tonight's one-hour The Walking Dead season premiere — let's see if you agree.

1. Abraham's death would be big enough to get fans talking, but it would be a far cry from the hysterics that the death of Rick, Daryl, Glenn, or Michonne would create. The Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero recently told Variety that fans will be bummed out by the character's death and he recommends watching the episode with "lots of Kleenex," but he doesn't say fans will be distraught. Just sad.

As in Abraham died, we're all sad, but now let's move on to Episode 2.

The Walking Dead Season 7
The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere [Image by AMC Network]

2. It certainly appears that Abraham is the guy who gets taken out by Negan's nasty bat, if we go by physical appearance. Spoilers released by ABC indicate that when Negan's victim falls to the ground, he gets back up and appears to be "pretty tall like Abraham." Even unarmed, the former Army sergeant is "definitely the type to get back up and try to defend himself."

3. Forbes contributor Paul Tassi states that there's a reason why Abraham didn't die in the middle of Season 6 — the show's creators wanted to delay his death until the Season 7 premiere to make a bigger impact.

"He survived his own death in the middle of last season, where he was supposed to take an arrow in the eye, which killed Denise instead...this is a smokescreen, and is actually a way to delay his death so they could set him up to be killed here instead."
4. If Negan wants to make an example out of someone without killing Rick, Abraham's a good pick. After all, Abraham has fought Negan a number of times and he is a tough guy, so why not take out someone who could create some resistance going forward?

The Walking Dead Abraham
Abraham - The Walking Dead [Image by AMC Network]

5. Abraham's voice couldn't be heard in the audio during the scene when Negan whacks someone with his bat, with the folks at pointing out that fans could clearly hear many of the other character's voices.

"The audio accompanying the brutal scene doesn't sound like it has Abraham's manly yell anywhere in it. Voices that can be attributed to the likes of Rick, Carl, Aaron, Eugene, Michonne, Daryl, Rosita, Maggie, or Glenn can all be heard, but none sound like they can be Abe's."
So, will these theories ring true tonight? Do you think Abraham will kick the bucket?

Watch The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere starting at 9 p.m. ET on AMC to find out. And, if you're freaking out because you won't be near a TV to watch the premiere, you can watch the TWD live streaming online via a free 7-day trial of Sling TV.

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