‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.4 Update/Patch: Prep Work Review For Gameplay On Launch Day

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.4 update/patch is launching this Tuesday and YouTuber LiKe BuTTeR did a preparatory review come gameplay time. He gave a summary on what to do and not to do in order to be prepared optimally.

Performance Mod Slots Helps Optimize Gear

Performance mod slots will arrive when the updates are launched and this will allow players to utilize the mods that can be used to fill in the gaps with non-optimal skill attributes on their gear. The reason being is because prior to 1.4, rolled attributes for said equipment wouldn’t be truly optimal for the gear pieces.

The new patch will help bring up stats on a non-optimized gear piece. This means interchangeable gear between builds.

Save Your Sealed Caches

It would also behoove you to save your sealed caches in The Division 1.3 and open them up when 1.4 is released. Particularly the Dark Zone and Underground caches. The reason for this is because the aforementioned performance mod slots will be available if you save your caches to be opened later, not prior.

Also certain weapons talents are going to be eliminated in 1.3 anyhow, so you wouldn’t want to open a 1.3 sealed cache, should that piece of gear have the Steady, Restored, and Stable talents. If you wind up doing this anyway, at least sell them off to 1.4 vendors.

When Tom Clancy’s The Division game patch 1.4 releases on Tuesday, theses caches will even be purchasable.

What To Farm And Not To Farm

While you keep your sealed caches unopened until Tuesday when The Division’s 1.4 patch is launched, it would also behoove you to save as much Division tech and other materials for 229 blueprints. Also, farm plenty of Dark Zone, Phoenix, and regular credits. The latter of which now can be handy in purchasing sealed caches with the possibility of extracting great gear. This is dependent on what World Tier and level you are playing.

The best way to farm the Phoenix credits in The Division is by running the Lexington mission repeatedly as it offers the most efficient grind for your credits. If you’re one of those players with tons of credits, you’re pretty much prepared when it comes to money.

There’s no need to farm dropped gear.

Save Your 1.3 Gear To Sell In 1.4

For players who have non-optimal gear left over in their inventory or stash, you may be in a quandary as to whether you should break them down for materials or sell them off in the new patch. It was highly recommended to save all that equipment/gear until the Tuesday release and then sell them off because according to YouTuber LiKe BuTTeR, Tom Clancy’s The Division game has undergone a complete vendor overhaul.

This would allow you to get more bang for your buck or credits when you sell your old 1.3 gear. They made it so you could sell those items and get more for your gold, purples, and gear set items.

The great thing about 1.4 gear sets is that you’re not stuck having to play repeated Incursions for designated named gear pieces like in 1.3. Now there are multiple paths to accruing your equipment as a player.

Level Up All Your Level 30 Division Agents

Another good tip to follow is if you have multiple characters, you should get them all up to level 30 before The Division 1.4 release date. The reason for this is so you can do multiple air drops, weekly missions, and incursions. This is also done in anticipation for the possibility of Massive doing raids in the future.

So how prepared are you currently for the 1.4 patch? What kind of materials, Division tech, and credits have you amassed thus far?

Tom Clancy’s The Division 1.4 update/patch will be available on Oct. 25. Have you done your own review for your own gameplay preparation?

[Featured Image by Casey Rodgers/AP Images]