Sadistic Teen Girl Arrested: Filmed Horrific Animal Abuse Including Ripping Out Cat Hearts And Nailing Dog To Wall

Essel Pratt - Author

Oct. 30 2018, Updated 5:36 a.m. ET

A Russian teenage girl has been arrested for filming the sadistic murder of innocent animals and posting the videos online. 17-year-old Alina Orlova has been accused of posting the horrific animal killings on social media and sharing her joy in brutally killing the animals in creative and sadistic manners.

Examples of her torturous killing methods include ripping out a cat’s heart and nailing a dog to the wall, as though it was being crucified.

Orlova did not act alone in the disturbing instances of animal abuse. Assisting in the murder and mutilations was her 17-year-old friend, Kristina K.

The pair took pleasure in the murder and mutilation of the innocent animals, dressing up for the deeds and decorated their faces with ‘horror style’ makeup and colored contact lenses, according to Metro.

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The murderous videos are too graphic to show here. However, they are still circulating across the Internet.

Images of the animal victims have also found their way on the Internet, showing the killings in progress, as well as the aftermaths. Some of the most brutal cases of animal abuse include a dog nailed to the wall in a crucifixion pose, a cat with his heart being physically ripped from its chest, and many more that are too graphic to share.

The animals were not random victims, according to the Mirror. The teen girls would adopt unwanted animals and promise to give them the love and affection they deserved. Then, the pair would take the animals to various locations where they would torture, mutilate, and record the deaths of each of the victims. The girls would then post the videos online and share them with the world.

Although many believed the disgusting videos to be fake, there were quite a few viewers that realized the animals were really being harmed during the torturous scenes. After complaints about the videos from viewers across the world, Russian police chose to search the girls out and look into the matter further. Once found, they were arrested on charges of animal cruelty.

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Viewers of the videos shared their disgust in the comments sections. Dmitriy Dmitriev felt as though the same forms of abuse and torture should be enacted upon the teen girls.

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“Somebody should do the same to them, in the same manner they treat these animals.”

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Maria Ivanov wondered how the teen girls’ mothers would allow such a tragic upbringing to occur.

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“How can their mothers defend it. I would have probably reported on my child if he did something like that. Horrible.”

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Despite the tragic acts of animal abuse, their killing ideals did not stop there.

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Orlova shared online that she was interested in killing her own mother in the future. She asked how long she would be forced to remain in prison if, or when, she was caught. Her query was rather nonchalant, as though it didn’t really matter how long she would be in jail, but she just wanted to prepare. Concern over whether the teen girls will actually move beyond killing animals, and venture forth into murdering an actual human, have raised concerns from many who wonder of the beginnings of becoming a serial killer surfacing.

Kristina K’s parents have been reported to have close ties with the Khaborovsk police force. It is unknown whether the connection will allow the girls to walk free or with a minimal penalty.

It is unknown what sort of sentence the girls might receive as a penalty for their horrific acts of animal abuse and torture.

Although the two teen girls have been arrested, it is unknown of other parties might have been involved in the horrific animal abuse.

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