Bobbi Kristina And Nick Gordon Save Heart Attack Victim

Bobbi Kristina Brown and Nick Gordon helped save a heart attack victim’s life Saturday, RadarOnline reports.

The couple were at an ATM in a mall parking lot in Georgia when a driver flagged them down to help a family member who appeared to be having a heart attack. The two went to the car and Gordon pulled the man out, laying him on the ground. Brown then elevated the man’s legs to help blood flow to his brain.

The couple stayed with the family until paramedics arrived. At this time it is unknown what happened to the victim.

The young couple has been the subject of some controversy lately, as news that the two were engaged began circulating. Brown’s mother, the late singer and actress Whitney Houston, took Gordon in when he was a child and raised him as her adopted son, although it was never made official. The pair confirmed their engagement on the new reality show The Houstons: On Our Own.

The news was not well received by family members, as the pair had been raised as brother and sister. Brown’s aunt Pat Houston said the news was unacceptable, while uncle Gary Houston told Gordon, “No one knew that from a godson, you would turn into a boyfriend, nobody knew that.”

Rumors that the couple were engaged began swirling earlier this year, shortly after the February 11 death of Whitney Houston. Brown had been spotted wearing what appeared to be an engagement ring, but the couple denied — and then later called off — their engagement in August.