Lance Armstrong: Lie Detector Test Might Happen Following New Claims

Lance Armstrong may be preparing to take a lie detector test at his lawyers urging. The test comes at a time when new damning evidence has begun to emerge about Armstrong’s use of intimidation and threats to cover up his alleged performance enhancing drug use.

Armstrong has stated repeatedly over the last several months that he would no longer comment on doping charges, however Tim Herman tells Raw Story that “Armstrong would consider taking a lie detector test if the 26 witnesses who testified against him to the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) would do the same.”

The famed Tour De France winner has already watched as all of his medals were stripped by the USADA, including seven Tour de France titles. Armstrong has also been banned for life from professional cycling.

Speaking to BBC Radio Five attorney Tim Herman noted:

“We might do that, you never know. I don’t know if we would or we wouldn’t. We might.”

When asked if there was any reason he would not take the test Herman added:

“Because he’s moved on. His name is never going to be clear with anyone beyond what it is today.”

One fellow cyclist claims Lance Armstrong began taking performance enhancing drugs 16 years ago. According to Betsy Andreu:

“Lance waged a war against me and I fought back quietly and smartly.”

Andreu claims that Armstrong admitted to taking EPO, testosterone, growth hormone, cortisone and steroids.

Do you think Lance Armstrong will ever take a lie detector test or will he simply accept his fate and move on with the millions of dollars he has earned?