Kim Kardashian Tries On Sexy Cat Halloween Costume

Kim Kardashian is going to be exactly what you would think she would be for Halloween: A sexy cat.

The reality show star is getting ready for the spooky holiday and recently sent out a picture to her fans of herself in a sexy cat Halloween costume.

Kim wrote: “Rawwwr!!! Halloween Costume shopping.”

Kardashian has made it a habit to dress up in a sexy Halloween costume every year. So far, she’s been a sexy Disney princess, a sexy red riding hood, a sexy poison ivy, and a sexy wonder woman. This year, it looks like she’s going to go with the classic sexy xat Costume.

Kim hasn’t officially made an announcement but the cat photos is the only costume that she has decided to share with her fans so far.

In addition to trying on clothes, the reality star is also reportedly house hunting with her new boyfriend Kanye West. The celebrity couple is reportedly looking at multi-million dollar mansions in Miami, Florida.

Maybe they’ll get a house in time to throw a Halloween party.

Here’s a look at Kim Kardashian’s sexy cat Halloween costume.

kim kardashian halloween

Here are some other costumes that Kim K has worn in the past.

kim kardsahian halloween costumekim kardsahian halloween costumekim kardsahian halloween costumekim kardsahian halloween costume

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