Hitler’s Secret Nazi Base Discovered Seven Decades After Being Abandoned

Hitler's secret Nazi base named "Schatzgraber" (which translates to mean "Treasure Hunter") was discovered by Russian scientists in the arctic. According to Daily Mail, this secret Nazi base Hitler once used was believed to be abandoned after scientists ate infected polar bear meat.

This mysterious secret Nazi base that was believed to be used by Hitler's underlings was constructed in 1942. Just a year after the Third Reich invaded Russia. The former garrison is believed to have used a U-boat to evacuate the secret base after scientists consumed infected polar bear meat.

Basically, the story suggests that the entire team of scientists got sick after eating polar bear meat in 1944. For a long period of time, a lot of people just assumed the polar bear meat had gone bad. Despite how hard it might have been for meat to go bad in such a cold climate, some people even speculated that the polar bear meat was deliberately poisoned in an attempt to kill the scientists. This second theory is likely the biggest reason why the secret Nazi base Hitler's underlings used was evacuated.

Today, we know the scientists who were working at the secret Nazi base were not poisoned. They just made the mistake of consuming polar bear meat that was infected with a parasitic worm called trichinella. The parasitic worm just caused the scientists living at the secret Nazi base to get very sick.

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Considering the name of the base translates to mean "Treasure Finder," people have started to speculate that maybe it was used to unearth special artifacts in addition to gathering information.

The Russian scientists who discovered it in the Arctic have explored the compound which is located in Alexandra Land. They have unearthed more than 500 objects from the site. On this barren site that was once a secret Nazi base, relics of the Second World War, shells, and other fragments (likely from war) have been unearthed.

Why did it take so long for this mysterious site to be rediscovered? Well, Alexandra Land is located more than 600 miles away from the North Pole. It is located in one of the least hospitable parts of the entire planet. While being so far off the map may have made it to the perfect site for whatever mission its inhabitants were executing, it also made it very difficult to locate.

After the scientists who got sick eating the polar bear meat were rescued, the secret Nazi base was believed to have been abandoned. It is also believed that the Nazis were never able to return to this secret base before WWII came to an end and the Nazi regime crumbled. In fact, it is believed that the Arctic just sort of swallowed this mysterious Nazi base back up after it was abandoned. There have always been stories about this site, however, most people just assumed it was a myth. There was so much mystery surrounding this secret base, including where it disappeared to, that people just assumed it never existed to begin with.

Seven decades passed by before this secret Nazi base once used by Hitler's underlings was rediscovered by Russian scientists. In addition to discovering this secret base, the scientists ended up discovering a whole treasure trove of what was likely Nazi WWII artifacts.

Naturally, the discovery of Hitler's secret Nazi base and the artifacts inside of the base have people wondering – what exactly was this base used for? Was it really just used to collect information or were the scientists doing something more? Share your thoughts on this historical discovery in the comments below.

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