Vice Presidential Debate Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment [Video]

You knew that Saturday Night Live would tackle last Thursdays’ vice presidential debate, but Next Media Animation also produced its own reliably satirical take on the showdown between VP Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan.

The CGI studio based in Taiwan calls its video (see below) “Bombastic Joe Biden battles ripped Paul Ryan.” NMA stays right on top of current events with its ongoing series of humorous and concise animated videos posted to the internet.

Whether Biden scored any major debating points in the event that will actually help the Obama campaign in the long run has seemingly been lost in the attention focused on his weird, amped-up behavior, which is in part reflected in the NMA video.

New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin offers this assessment of how Biden presented himself to America, in a column with a similar headline to NMA, “Bombastic blather will fool no one”:

“The indelible images were those numerous split screen shots of Biden laughing and shaking his head in condescension while Paul Ryan spoke about serious matters. Iran, taxes, jobs, Medicare — Biden snickered, sneered and giggled like he was privy to a private joke, while Ryan doggedly tried to address the nation’s most urgent problems.

“Biden’s conduct was both rude and alarming. Instead of the services of liberal moderator Martha Raddatz, who was too deferential to Biden, we needed EMTs with a straitjacket.

“Biden’s antics, including repeated interruptions, often seemed to throw Ryan off balance. But the young Republican challenger kept his cool and, while too often ceding the floor, ended up looking more mature than the incumbent 27 years his senior.”

Watch NMA’s video about the vice presidential debate: