Aaron Rodgers’ Big Lebowski Sweater Is A Hit And You Can Own One Too

Aaron Rodgers’ Big Lebowski-style sweater, which he wore to a post-game press conference after the Green Bay Packers’ 26-10 victory over the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field Thursday night, has been getting a lot of attention.

Rodgers showed up to the press conference sporting the same style of Cowichan cardigan Jeff Bridges wore while playing the character of The Dude in the 1998 cult classic The Big Lebowski.

The media took notice.

ESPN led the charge on highlighting Rodgers Dude-esque style. In an article headlined “The Dude abides: Aaron Rodgers throws 56 times, then dons one famous sweater,” Jason Wilde noted that Rodgers has a longstanding love for the Cohen Brothers film.

Aaron Rodgers has long professed his love for the cult movie classic The Big Lebowski,” Wilde writes. “On Thursday night, the Green Bay Packers quarterback became The Dude.'”

Other publications quickly joined in on the fun.

Three touchdowns? The Dude abides,” Dan Gunderman quipped in the opening of his New York Daily News article on the press conference.

Gunderman also acknowledged that it wasn’t the first time Rodgers has appeared in apparel inspired by The Big Lebowski.

“Rodgers has been known to don ‘Lebowski’ gear: wearing T-shirts from the film in the Packers’ locker room and while speaking on former teammate A.J. Hawk’s podcast,” Gunderman writes, citing the earlier ESPN article.

The sports website Bleacher Report ran an article headlined “Aaron Rodgers Channels The Big Lebowski with Sweater After Wins vs. Bears.” The article included side-by-side images of Rodgers and The Dude for comparison.

Writing for GQ, Liza Corsillo commented on how Rodgers’ clean-cut looks turned the image of the iconic sweater on its head.

“Like a character unto itself (or, the character Bridges played), the Dude’s sweater has become shorthand for everything an unflappable hippie represents,” Corsillo writes. “But when worn by Aaron Rodgers, quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, it takes on some serious clean cut, good boy vibes.”

Corsillo predicts a surge in sales for the sweater now that Rodgers has normalized it for a broader cross-section of society.

“And that’s a good thing! Because movie references aside, it’s just a really cool sweater,” she insists.

“Sure, it does that thing sweaters do and keeps you warm. But it also makes you look like you could cut down a forest with your bare hands. And if you’re worried about feeling like you’re in a costume every time you wear it, don’t be. Now that a guy like Rodgers has worn it, so can the rest of us.”

Well, not everyone can wear it. The Lebowski sweater is available from Portland-based Pendleton Woolen Mills and retails for approximately $239 at the time this article was published. That’ll likely put it beyond the price range of a lot of working-class families.

On the other hand, it might be worth investing in as a good luck charm. If Thursday night’s performance is any indicator, Aaron Rodgers Lebowski sweater might very well have brought him some luck.

The star quarterback threw 56 passes, the second highest number of passes in his career, according to Gunderman. Thirty-nine of those passes connected, breaking the record for the most completions in Packers’ history.

Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer didn’t have such good luck. He suffered a broken arm in the second quarter, Gunderman reports. Backup quarterback Matt Barkley replaced him for the remainder of the game. He went only six for 15 passing, with only 81 yards and two interceptions. Yikes.

The Big Lebowski stars John Goodman, Julianne Moore, Steve Buscemi, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tara Reid and John Turturro alongside Bridges. The movie focuses on a caper wrapped around an identity mix up, in which Bridges character is mistaken for another, much wealthier, man with the same name.

It remains to be seen if Aaron Rodgers’ Big Lebowski sweater will lead to the style gaining popularity. As Corsillo suggests, it might at least mean we’ll see a few more The Dude costumes this Halloween.

[Featured Image by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images]