Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: FBI Contacted Over Leaked Footage

Wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan has spoken with the FBI. The pro wrestler met with agents this week to discuss hunting down the person or people who leaked the tape to Gawker and other media outlets.

Speaking to TMZ Hulk Hogan’s attorney reveals that local police were not able to assist him because:

1) The tape was recorded in 2006, therefore the four-year statute of limitations had expired on the offense of unlawfully recording Hulk without his permission.

2) The other offense — distributing the illegal footage to the media — crosses state lines, so it’s a federal problem … not a local one.

Realizing that the offense had become an issue of federal concern Hulk Hogan and his attorney asked the FBI for a meeting to discuss finding the responsible parties who leaked the tape.

Hulk Hogan will meet with the FBI in person on Monday to discuss what actions can be taken against the sex tape offense.

In the meantime the wrestler is promising to go after any website or media outlet that shows more footage of his sexcapades. Hulk Hogan was originally shown in just one minute of footage. In already released footage Hulk Hogan was heard talking about his son and calling himself a “pig” for eating too much earlier in the night.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Hulk Hogan is trying to stop the viral nature of the sex tape, it might possibly be the most unflattering sex tape ever released to the public and that says a lot when we think about Paris Hilton, Gene Simmons and Dustin Diamond.