SezWho lands b5media entertainment blogs

Blogging 2.0 comment service SezWho has signed a deal with b5media that will see SezWho rolled out on b5media’s entertainment blogs.

b5media’s entertainment blogs have long been the backbone of the network in terms of traffic, delivering millions of pages views by targeting niche verticals, such as dedicating blogs to specific stars and shows as opposed to offering one central blog. The network recently launched as a portal for the entertainment sites and branding exercise for the blogs.

For SezWho, the b5media deal follows similar deals with Entrecard, Creative Weblogging and Izea in July and continues the arms race of numbers in the space where the various competitors are seeking to become the default commenting 2.0 service by having the biggest install base. In terms of exposure, the deal will expose SezWho to potentially millions of new users, although I am surprised the deal didn’t extend to b5media’s full network; perhaps it’s a try before they fully buy deal.

Disclosure: I am a founder of b5media, although I have no relationship with the company today, nor did I discuss this post with anyone within b5media prior to publication.