'The Walking Dead' Spoilers: Robert Kirkman Says The Entire Show Changes In Season 7

When The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres on Sunday night, Negan will kill one or two of the main heroes, Rick Grimes will end up broken and defeated, and the world will get a whole lot bigger. However, with all that happening, fans of the TV show will notice something interesting. The Walking Dead will change drastically into something very different than what people have watched the last six seasons.

The Wall Street Journal reported that The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman said everything changes this season. He emphasized that this means the types of stories they tell will change and the show as a whole will also change.

The idea is that The Walking Dead has been about Rick Grimes and his friends, his family, and their quest for survival as they try to find a place to live. When Rick and his group finds others, they either find one or two that join forces with them or a battle ensues.

Through six seasons of The Walking Dead, Rick and company were always the heroes and they were able to overcome obstacles -- beating The Governor, the cannibals at Terminus, and the police in the hospital. People have died along the way, but this was all about survival in the wilderness.

With the arrival of Negan and the Saviors, Rick has found someone that he can't just beat down. Rick and company went in and killed a number of Negan's men while they slept, the most evil thing that the heroes of The Walking Dead have ever done. As a result, one or two of Rick's closest friends will die.

Next, Rick will see that Negan's group is bigger than he ever expected. Also coming is Ezekiel and The Kingdom, who will serve as allies. The Hilltop is still there looking for a capable leader. Alexandria is stronger, but still needs Rick to survive. That is four communities -- large communities -- and it isn't just about Rick and his friends trying to survive anymore. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Andrew Lincoln said this is about building a new world.

Anyone who has read the comics knows that things are going to happen that change the entire dynamic of the storyline. Maggie is likely to leave and become the leader of the Hilltop Community. Rick and Michonne might not survive as a couple if she follows her comic path and joins The Kingdom. It is time to build worlds on The Walking Dead.

What is even crazier is that Robert Kirkman doesn't see Negan as a villain in the same sense that The Governor was. According to Kirkman, Negan wishes he didn't have to kill the beloved character that he does in The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere.

"You'll find Negan to be a strangely reasonable, strangely relatable, strangely psychotic character. He wants them to work for him, he wants them to be one big happy family. He does, possibly naively, believe he can bring everyone together and have them work for him."


When The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere ends, fans will likely end up scarred beyond belief. Two of their favorite characters will be dead and Negan might end up as the most hated character in the show's history. But, on the heels of that, something will happen that changes the entire world.

The Walking Dead is about to become a much bigger show and is more than just about a group of friends anymore. A war is coming and fans are about to see how big this world really is.

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