'Teen Mom OG' Rumors: Farrah Abraham Fires Her Store Manager

Another day, another round of Teen Mom OG rumors about Farrah Abraham. This time, the rumors center around the fact that she just recently fired a store employee, and -- in typical Farrah fashion -- the reason why she fired the employee will leave you stunned.

Us Weekly was the first to break these latest Teen Mom OG rumors of Farrah firing Kiana, the store manager who works at the frozen yogurt shop she owns. In a sneak peek of this Monday's episode, what started out as an innocuous discussion about the state of the store quickly took a left turn when Farrah began questioning her employee's performance.

Apparently, Farrah wasn't a fan of how Kiana cleaned the frozen yogurt machine, and she went on a tirade against Kiana for this grievance before firing her.

"How am I supposed to have a manager here who cannot simply open things, clean up after themselves, figure things out? I can't have that. It's my fault and you should not have worked here! I think it's best that you put your uniform in the office. You will receive your pay for tomorrow. I'm severancing the relationship because it feels like there isn't an open-mindedness."
We're not exactly sure what "severancing the relationship" means, but as soon as we figure it out, we'll tell you.

Teen Mom OG Rumors Farrah Abraham firing employee
Farrah Abraham is frequently the subject of "Teen Mom OG" rumors. [Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for DailyMail.com]

Meanwhile, Farrah continues to be the hottest subject of the latest Teen Mom OG rumors in other, not-so-good ways. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Farrah has earned the reputation for being a foul-mouthed, ridiculous bully (which is why no one was surprised when she announced that she was voting for this election's foul-mouthed, ridiculous bully, Donald "Grab Her By The P***y" Trump), and now, she's teaching her daughter, Sophia, to be the same way.

In another sneak peek of this week's episode, Michael Abraham (Farrah's long-suffering father) asks Sophia to help him carry in some things from the car. Sophia, never looking up from her phone, yells at her grandfather that she was "busy texting her friend" and further told him that "you don't need any help."

So did Farrah punish her daughter in response to the disrespect? Of course not. Farrah, instead, snapped at Sophia that she was "disturbing her work" and demanded that she keep her voice down. Such a fine example of motherhood.

Sneak Peek Teen Mom OG Rumors Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham continues to be the subject of the latest "Teen Mom OG" rumors, but not for the right reasons. [Image by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for GBK]

But in better Teen Mom OG rumors, another member of Abraham's family has announced that she's gotten engaged. That's right, according to The Stir, Farrah's mom, Debra Danielsen, has just announced that she's now about to be wed to Dr. David Mertz, her boyfriend of just a few months.

Dr. Mertz and Debra met on a dating website called Elite Singles, and they got engaged in Los Angeles, where Debra is filming a new reality show for WeTV with her daughter and her ex-husband.

However, according to The Stir, Farrah is none-too-pleased with her mother and her soon-to-be step-father. A source told the site that Farrah, in fact, thinks her mother is rushing the relationship, and she should slow things down.

"Farrah feels that it's way too early. Debra and her fiance have only dated a handful of times and have only known each other four months."
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