Kate Middleton's Hair: The Hairstyles She's Tried And The Secret To Royally Perfect Hair

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is recognized all around the world as a woman who has royally perfect hair. According to Yahoo Lifestyle, the secret weapon behind Kate Middleton's royally perfect hair is a hairnet. After putting her hair in a perfect updo, for example, she uses a hairnet to hold the bun in place. Vogue also reports Kate Middleton has a pretty specific set of rules she follows to keep her hair looking royally perfect.

Keep reading to learn more about Kate's rules to having perfect hair and to see some of the many hairstyles she's tried out recently.

  1. Buns
For starters, who can forget Kate Middleton's perfect buns? The buns are a perfect alternative to just letting her hair hang down loose while wearing a number of romantic chignons. According to Entertainment Tonight, she recently sported a crimson-colored asymmetrical dress designed by Preen during a trip to Canada. She complemented the crimson-colored dress with a gorgeous – and royally perfect – updo. She had her bun wrapped to the side in order to give her a very modern and edgy look.

Kate Middleton with a hair bun
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For anyone who desires to have royally perfect hair like Kate Middleton, it is as easy as going to the store and buying a hairnet for just a few dollars.

  1. Unwrapped No-Fuss Ponytail
While Kate Middleton is known for wearing her hair in perfect buns, it isn't the only way she wears her hair. She also likes to wear her hair in an unwrapped no-fuss ponytail from time to time. In order to add a hint of glamour, Middleton will usually have her ponytails wavy and low. She will part to the side in order to add extra volume to the top of her hair.

For an added edge, Middleton will even wear her ponytails wrapped and tucked on occasion.

Kate Middleton No Fuss Ponytail
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  1. Pinned And Out Of Her Face
Now, Kate Middleton is a busy woman. As a busy woman, she doesn't always have time to do something extravagant with her hair. When this happens, she just needs a hairstyle that is going to keep her hair out of her face. Pinning her hair up and pulling it out of her face tends to work best to achieve this method. The pinned method is perfect for when she has a long but busy day. It creates the perfect half-up and half-down look.

This type of Kate Middleton hairstyle is ideal when it is going to be a windy day, when you are going to be extra active, or when you are sporting some earrings or a necklace you want to make sure everyone is going to be able to see.

Kate Middleton wearing her hair down
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  1. The Headband
For a more lackluster hair day, Kate Middleton has always relied on a simple headband. This is a popular choice when Middleton is spending time outdoors. Whether she is just walking around carrying her son or she is on a fishing trip, this is a popular hairstyle choice for Middleton. Any hair expert is going to tell you a headband is perfect for those days you don't get to wash your hair before running out the door. Some even argued Kate brought the headband back into style.
As you can see, Kate Middleton has a lot of different hairstyles she likes to sport. While her hair may very well be royally perfect, there isn't some expensive secret weapon she uses. Kate Middleton's hairstyles are something any girl (or guy with longer hair for that matter) could achieve.

Kate Middleton closeup hair bun
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What do you think of Kate Middleton's perfect hair? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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