‘Gold Rush’ Season 7 Update: Could Dakota Fred Be Back On Show? Parker Schnabel ‘Staying Positive’ And Rumors Of Another Hoffman Move

Now that two episodes of Gold Rush have been broadcast, there appear to be more questions than answers. What is Parker Schnabel’s main concern, now that his grandfather and mentor, John Schnabel, is gone? Mining in Oregon does not seem to be bringing in the riches that Todd Hoffman and his crew had hoped it wold bring. Could the crew have changed their mind about this new gold mining site? And what has Dakota Fred been up to? Is it possible that he will be returning to Gold Rush?

The first episode of Season 7 of Gold Rush started with the memorial of Parker Schnabel’s beloved grandfather, John Schnabel. Parker’s warm relationship with his grandfather is one of the most endearing relationships ever shown on television. The wisdom that grandpa instilled in Parker was a touchstone to many. It is no surprise that so many men watch the show, making it one of Discovery Channel’s most popular shows.

As the first episode of Season 7 begins, Parker understands that his life has taken a dramatic turn.

“The search for gold has been everything to me. This season, it’s gonna be different.”

Parker hints at some of the issues that he has to deal with in Season 7, as his grandfather helped keep his mind positive. While the physical part of the job is certainly strenuous, keeping a positive mind is at the core of being a successful miner. Once doubt sets in, everything begins to unravel. Parker and everyone around him knew that the death of John Schnabel could affect Parker’s mental state.

“We know what we’re doing when it comes to moving dirt, but the mental game is huge in any business and running any business. It can be mentally trying. He certainly kept me on the straight and narrow and I think everybody, including myself, was worried about just what impact that would have on my ability to keep my cool and keep a level head.”

Could a similar mental lapse be causing turmoil in the Hoffman crew? Starcasm reports that the 316 Mining, LLC, owned by the Hoffman crew were mining at the “Freedom Plant” somewhere in Colorado. Did Todd Hoffman abandon their Oregon mining dreams? What happened to those cornflake-sized chunks of gold that Todd showed Dave Turin at the end of last season?

This all spells fiasco, as in their disastrous gold mining trip to Guyana. At the beginning of Season 7, Todd admits to the stress of being the leader of a mining crew and needing to make payroll. Even those who are not fans of Hoffman are bound to be curious to know all that transpired over the summer. While it is easy to question their move to Oregon, it could be said that if mining gold was so easy, everyone would do it.

And wedding bells for Dakota Fred! Longtime fans of Gold Rush miss Fred Hurt, the Minot, North Dakota native who once ruled the Klondike. His scuffles with the dramatic Hoffman crew made for some classic Gold Rush moments.

The wedding was on July 31. The couple looked happy and gorgeous. Fred really cleans up real nice! So, who is his lovely bride? She is Jennifer Sheets, Fred’s Executive Assistant and mining crew cook. They look incredibly happy, and Fred looks rejuvenated.

This is such a happy note for the widower Hurt, who had lost his life partner Lorrayne nearly two years ago. In and out of the hospital and even hospice, she died with an undisclosed long-term illness. This illness was so severe that they thought they were going to lose her back in 2013. Fred is certainly blessed to have found love again.

What may be the other intriguing tidbit is a recent Facebook post. Fred makes a point of saying that he is not allowed to talk about any sort of television show. Hmmm. Does this mean he is back on Gold Rush? Or does this mean he will have a new spin-off show? Starcasm has reported that Fred was working on a documentary entitled All That Glitters with the same production crew, Raw TV, as Gold Rush.

The post doesn’t reveal any details, what network or even what show, but it does appear that the former Gold Rush star may soon be back on television!

“4 weeks ago Jen and I were on our way back from Alaska.
For all the folks asking about any upcoming TV shows….I can only give you a Clue. I’m under a “No Talk” order…..that’s your clue…..:) Freddie”

Fred has always appreciated the fan support and has always been generous with his time on social media, as well as at sporting events where he meets and greets fans. He understood that his surly character “struck a chord” with many fans of the show. Even when he was taken off of the show, Fred has remained gracious and never put fans in an uncomfortable position.

All over Fred’s Twitter and Facebook pages, fans have expressed their unhappiness with the producers of Gold Rush taking him off of the show. Perhaps the folks at Discovery are finally listening? Or is another cable channel going to document the gold miners?

It sounds like we need to keep tuning in to find out!

What do you think of the possibility of Dakota Fred returning to Gold Rush? Do you think the Hoffman crew moved from Oregon to go to Colorado? In Oregon, was gold the size of cornflakes just a myth? Do you think they should have stayed in the Klondike? Are you cheering Parker Schnabel this season, which will be his first without his grandfather? Get the conversation started with what you think will happen this season in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]