WWE News: Big Show Blames Fickle Fans For Roman Reigns Crowd Response

WWE superstar The Big Show made his debut in WCW back in 1995 and was an instant star for the company. At that time, the internet was still in its early stages and the best way to get behind-the-scenes information was through something called dirt sheets. In an interview with Digital Spy, Big Show says that wrestlers were always told to ignore the dirt sheets, but in today's world, social media is now one giant dirt sheet and that hurts wrestlers like Roman Reigns.

According to Big Show, the fans are also fickle and have always been. He said that social media platforms allow fans a louder voice, and thanks to social media they have a lot more sway when it comes to influencing crowds at live WWE events, and that is no more evident than with Roman Reigns.

A perfect example of what Big Show is talking about is when someone is being pushed like Roman Reigns that some of the vocal internet fans don't care about. When a wrestler comes out that the fans on social media are down on that week, the fans will try to get live crowds to disrupt the match. When Sheamus and Randy Orton were feuding in the WWE, fans were able to get everyone in the arena yelling random chants during their matches.

Another example is one that Big Show brought up in the interview. It was just two years ago that the WWE Universe was cheering wildly for Roman Reigns to win the Royal Rumble because many fans were unhappy about Batista returning and getting put into the world title scene immediately. When the final two were Roman Reigns and Batista, fans wanted Roman Reigns to win.

The fans rallied together and started chanting "Blue-tista" and were disrupting the action every time Batista showed up. One year later, the fans turned on Roman Reigns after cheering him on the previous year. This time, fans started to get after Roman Reigns every time he came to the ring.
"I think Roman has a lot of all the right pieces to make everything work. I just think it's our society nowadays to pick on the guy that's good-looking, that's athletic, that's actually getting a break. But let's give credit where credit's due."
In the same way that Big Show said wrestlers were supposed to ignore the dirt sheets when he was starting out in the '90s, Big Show says that young talent like Roman Reigns needs to turn a blind eye to the internet and social media because most of these fans just want to bury wrestlers.
"They can bury me all they want to. I don't lose an ounce of sleep getting buried. I wake up and look for people to block on Twitter. It starts my day off right. You're an idiot with a bad opinion? BLLLLLOCK! I block all negativity from my life. But it does frustrate me when they start giving guys grief."


Big Show also pointed out that the indie darlings that many internet fans want pushed will never be able to take the top spot in the company. While there may be 35,000 fans who love a certain wrestler, there are millions of people who love the superheroes like John Cena and Roman Reigns.

While the internet crowd might be louder, Big Show considers most of them to be people who give their advice after the match is already over with and have no idea what goes into planning out the WWE matches. Big Show says some people are uninformed and they are still very loud when wrestlers like Roman Reigns are concerned thanks to social media.

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