Chidinma Okeke Sex Tape Scandal: Miss Anambra 2015 Rocked By Release Of Explicit Video, But Denies That It’s Her In The Tape

Chidinma Okeke is embroiled in a sex tape scandal, with the 2015 Miss Anambra rocked by the release of a video that appears to show her in a racy scene with an unidentified female partner.

The video allegedly showing the Nigerian pageant winner hit the internet this week, which appeared to show Okeke performing a solo sex act before joining another woman, 360 Nobs noted. The alleged sex tape has caused a stir in Nigeria, making headlines on national news outlets and spreading on social media.

The pageant winner has responded to it quickly. Chidinma Okeke put out a statement denying that the person in the sex tape was actually her, insisting that it was a matter of trick photography.

“My attention has been drawn to a concocted photograph/ video being circulated in the social media wherein my face was superimposed on an existing picture of persons engaging amorous conduct through the art of photo shopping,” she said. “This act is perpetrated by hoodlums who are out to blackmail me or tarnish my image and promising career by presenting me in bad light.”

Okeke insisted that she is a “highly responsible person who was brought up in a family with impeccable reputation.”

“I can therefore not subscribe to such act how much more engage in same,” she added.

This is not the first sex tape scandal making international headlines this week. In the U.K., a pair of X Factor stars were rocked when a hacker tricked them into recording explicit videos that were then released to the internet.

One of those targeted Shayne Ward, who is also the star of Coronation Street. In a video making the rounds this week, the former X Factor winner was seen performing a solo sex act.

Ward apologized for the video, taking responsibility but also explaining that it was a few years old.

“This video is years old. Shayne was single at the time and it happened when he was on tour with War of the Worlds,” his representative told the Sun.

“He’s so embarrassed this has happened. The conversation between him and the supposed woman have left him hugely red faced. He can’t believe anyone would do this.”

Ward claimed that he made the video in what he thought was a private chat but turned out to be a catfishing scheme. For those not aware, catfishing refers to an online scheme in which someone misrepresents themselves online in a romantic context.

It came at a difficult time for Ward, who is expecting a baby with his girlfriend.

Just a few days before that, fellow X Factor star Sam Callahan was rocked by an identical scandal, with someone tricking him into filming an explicit video and then releasing it to the internet.

Like Ward, Callahan explained that he had been fooled and said he was much younger when the video was made.

“I was young and foolish back then in 2013 and I was young and foolish in 2014 too, unfortunately I wrongly trusted the person I was speaking to at the time and was completely betrayed and catfished,” he told the Sun. “It’s not something that would happen now. I’m way too focused and driven to put myself in that risky situation, but I guess we live and learn.”

While both Shanye Ward and Sam Callahan both made public apologies, Chidinma Okeke has a much different approach after her alleged sex tape his the internet, the Entertainment Express noted. The Nigerian pageant winner said that she has talked to a lawyer and could be filing a suit against the person responsible for sharing it with the internet.

[Featured Image by Chidinma Okeke/Instagram]