Will Trump Sue Accusers? At Gettysburg Speech, Donald Trump Threatened To Sue Women Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault, Saying They All Lied

Will Donald Trump sue accusers who claim he sexually assaulted them? As reported by CNN, during his Gettysburg speech early Saturday, Trump claimed that all the women who had accused him had lied and that following the election he would file lawsuits against them.

For a speech that was presumably supposed to be an uplifting pep talk for staff and supporters – given the Gettysburg location – it came across as more threatening, weak, and petty than inspirational.

It may of course be coincidental, but it is not uncommon for sexual predators – which is what these women are accusing Trump of being – to claim that any and all accusers are liars. Of course, as the number of Trump accusers has grown, it's become somewhat more difficult to believe that all of them are lying.

"All of these liars will be sued"
At this time – and not counting the rape charges pending against Donald Trump in December for assaulting a 13-year-old girl – Cox Media reports there are 11 women claiming Trump forced himself on them sexually or otherwise behaved inappropriately. Combined with the video recordings of lewd comments Trump has made over the years about grown women and teenage girls, how could Trump sue accusers and actually win?
A somewhat similar situation can be seen in the case of actor Bill Cosby, who vehemently denied all of the sexual assault accusations against him, even as the number of accusers rose into the dozens. Also like Bill Cosby, Trump has a fascination with Playboy bunnies, as shown by Trump's appearance in softcore adult-themed Playboy videos.
Over the last month or so, Donald Trump has seen his campaign go from a near tie with Hillary Clinton to being – in some recent election polls results – anywhere from 4-12 points down. While his abysmal performance in all three presidential debates probably has something to do with this drop in the polls, the never-ending sexual allegations against Trump were devastating to his campaign.

Should Trump sue accusers who have brought his campaign to its knees, it will clearly be seen by many as an act of small-minded revenge, rather than someone attempting to defend his already questionable reputation. In fact, Trump's strategy of threatening to sue his accusers could easily backfire on him.

Trump at the time of this writing has just over two weeks until the election, and having his campaign announce that Trump will sue his accusers could have the unanticipated effect of pushing them even further into the spotlight. Given that it was the media focus on the accusations of these women that crushed Donald Trump in the current polls to begin with, this might not be a smart political decision.

Donald Trump at Playboy gathering. Will Trump sue accusers?
Donald Trump at Playboy gathering. Will Trump sue accusers? [Image by Peter Kramer/Getty Images]

Of course, Donald Trump isn't exactly renowned for his political prowess and shrewdness. But in threatening to sue these sexual assault accusers, Trump seems to be trying to hold on to his supporters – which doesn't make sense – given that his religiously devout followers have demonstrated many times they won't leave him no matter what he says or does.

Trump can't possibly think he's going to actually win over independents or conservative Democrats after all of the verified revelations that have come out about it. Even aside from the accusations of these women, Trump's own words have condemned him and his presidential aspirations.

So, if we see Trump sue accusers across the board following his inevitable defeat in the upcoming election, it will be tragic, embarrassing for the Republicans, and a media spectacle, but it will do nothing to resurrect Donald Trump's reputation in the minds of most people. In fact, the threat to sue accusers two weeks prior to the presidential election just adds to Donald Trump's reputation as a bully.

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