Selena Gomez Rehab Treatment Fails: Why Her Family Wants An Immediate Conservatorship

Selena Gomez's stay at a rehab facility in Tennessee isn't going as well as her family members had expected, sources have alleged, leaving the singer's mother, Mandy Teefey, worried.

According to In Touch, as cited by Hollywood Life, Mandy is deeply concerned for her daughter, after realizing that the treatment Gomez has been undergoing for the past couple of weeks are not working the way she had hoped.

While there has never been any talk about Selena Gomez having any sort of wild spending habits, Teefey is supposedly considering the idea of getting a conservatorship for the 24-year-old, stressing that this will give the entire family a little peace of mind.

The conservatorship will allow Mandy to control her daughter's spending, should she find out that Gomez has decided to end the treatment early. Selena is notoriously known for quitting her rehab programs earlier than expected, which is one of the key reasons her mother wants to have access to her funds.

For all that Mandy knows, Selena Gomez could quit the program, fly out of the country and go into hiding, leaving family and friends worried. With a conservatorship in place, Mandy has the right to freeze every account and pressure her daughter to seek help at the facility before she is allowed access to her funds again.

Everybody around Gomez has been deeply concerned for her, The Hollywood Gossip shared. There is so much positive energy and love surrounding the "Hands To Myself" singer, who has enjoyed tremendous success in the past two years, which ended up backfiring on her as it only worsened her Lupus condition.

"[Mandy's] been reaching out to find out what it would take to get a conservatorship for Selena," a source reveals. "She believes that a mental breakdown is possible if Gomez doesn't take this rehab stint seriously."

Hollywood Life is comparing the conservatorship to the infamous Britney Spears case, where her father, James, had to step in and freeze all of her bank accounts before the pop star agreed to get help and actively work on herself for the sake of her two children.

Selena Gomez has made a tremendous amount of money throughout the years, and with her mental health constantly fluctuating, Mandy wants to make sure her daughter doesn't end up doing something she'll regret.

The good thing is that Selena Gomez has realized that she couldn't stay on tour with her Lupus condition gradually taking over all aspects of her life. The short-lived feud with Justin Bieber over the Sofia Richie romance last month certainly didn't help, but sources say that the drama surrounding Selena's ex-boyfriend is not the actual reason why she's in rehab.

Aside from her Lupus struggle, Gomez found herself feeling trapped in Hollywood, and despite having had so much success, the 24-year-old quickly realized that she was putting so much pressure on herself, she was bound to have a meltdown sooner or later.

Hollywood Life continues by saying, "She's also apparently had lots of restrictions put on her, which doesn't help her frustration. Obviously, Selena's mom just wants what's best for her, and it doesn't seem like she wants to have to become Sel's custodian."

It's unclear how long Selena Gomez plans on staying in rehab, but her social media accounts continue to remain inactive for now.

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