'Teen Mom OG' Star Ryan Edwards Rehab Bound? Maci Bookout's Baby Daddy's Drug Use To Blame For Bad Behavior?

Ryan Edwards might be headed for a stay in rehab.

Following reports of drug use and family drama on the show, the Teen Mom OG star is showing signs of a serious drug problem.

Will he get help before it's too late?

According to Blasting News, Ryan's downward spiral started when his father, Larry Edwards, kicked him out of the house and wants him out of his life for good. (See video below)

In the latest episode of Teen Mom OG, Ryan told producers that he doesn't even remember the fight with his father that led to his relocation.

Fans also pointed out that Ryan looked like was high during the episode.

Not only were his eyes dilated and red, but he also looked like a disheveled mess.

He was in similar disarray when his mom, Jen, brought his son Bentley over for a Father's Day visit.

While talking to Bentley, Ryan kept repeating himself and didn't seem to remember his own question.

He also neglected to attend Bentley's baseball game. Many fans have speculated that drugs were the main reason why he stayed away.

Indeed, All About The Tea reports that many fans took to social media after the episode aired and expressed their concern with Ryan's apparent drug problem.

"Ryan looks so strung out," one fan wrote on Twitter.

"Ryan needs to go to rehab he is definitely not aware of anything," another Twitter fan wrote. "He is lost."

Some even thought he was using meth.

According to Us Weekly, Ryan's baby momma, Maci Bookout, added to the chorus of complaints and opened up about his lack of attention as a father.

"I think he cares when it's convenient," Bookout shared during an episode of Teen Mom OG. "When he has nothing better to do, and that some days he wakes up and I think he genuinely wants to be a good dad and he really tries. Any time something that seems like more fun or something that seems like less work comes along, it's easy for him to use that as an excuse to not show up."

Of course, the drug issues are only causing more and more problems for Ryan and his family.

Before Larry kicked Ryan out of the house, he sat down with producers to explain his rationale.

At a particularly heated moment, Larry told a producer that he "wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire."

When Ryan's mom tried to intervene, Larry told her that she could move out too!

Larry and Jen Edwards [Image by MTV]
Larry and Jen Edwards [Image by MTV]

"Look, I was No. 2 from day one. Then I went to No. 3 after Bentley. I don't mind after Bentley, but I'm not playing behind him anymore," he explained. "Hell, no. If [my wife] don't like it, she can get her s**t and get out."

For now, Ryan is shacking up at a home owned by Jen and her family.

To make matters worse, Ryan has been unable to escape negative press all season long.

According to The Hollywood Gossip, Ryan was the subject of controversy when he bragged about killing feral cats around his home.

Ryan justified the killings by saying the cats were damaging his boat.

He started to change his stance, however, once a few pet-friendly organizations got involved and put him under investigation.

Now, he says that he made everything up and didn't kill any cats.

Instead, he claims that he was just trying "to build hype."

Considering his actions and continuous drug abuse, there's little wonder why his father turned on him.

"I'm over his lies. I'm over his laziness, selfishness. I'm done with it," Larry explained. "I'm done with him forever. I don't want him anywhere around me ever."

Larry continued: "And I never wanna be around him ever 'cause I'm tired of that bloodsucking leech. I'm over it."


Ryan may have done some bad things in his life, but his dad clearly had something else on his mind when he made the comments.

Was he really kicking out Ryan because of the drugs?

While nothing official has been released, Enstarz reports that Ryan's parents may have been inadvertently funding his drug habit.

This could be one reason why Larry reacted so strongly when he kicked Ryan out of the house.

If Ryan was constantly getting high, and using his parent's money to buy the drugs, then Larry's comments about him being a "bloodsucking leech" make a little more sense.

The only real question remaining is whether or not Ryan will go to rehab and get the help he desperately needs, not only for himself, but for his loved ones.

Fans can watch Ryan continue his downward spiral when new episodes of Teen Mom OG air Monday nights on MTV.

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