Kris Jenner Brands Kim Kardashian A Traitor For Supporting Caitlyn Jenner Amid ‘KUWTK’ Feud

Kris Jenner clearly hasn’t gotten on good terms with Caitlyn Jenner yet.

A forthcoming episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians shows the momager lose her mind when she finds out that Kim Kardashian has been helping her step-mother find a dress for the Espy Awards.

In the preview that the E! network has publicly shared on their website for this week’s episode, Kim Kardashian is confronted by her sister Khloe, who questions her as to why she’s made their mother so upset with the situation regarding Caitlyn Jenner.

Kim, who appears startled by the news that her mother was upset by her kindness towards Caitlyn, then finds herself in a three-way phone conversation, as the sisters try to address the issue at hand with the 60-year-old, who clearly wasn’t happy with Kim being friendly with Caitlyn.

“Mom is fuming with you,” Khloe tells Kim, Hollywood Life quotes the stars saying. “She was texting me with hashtags. ‘#disloyal’. She thinks you’re a traitor and she thinks you went against the family. She’s pissed.”

When Khloe called her mother and handed the phone over to Kim, Kris Jenner wasted no time to let her daughter know just how she felt. “Kim, you are a f*****g traitor that you would have the nerve to go to help Caitlyn to pick a gown,” she yells. “Like, what is going on?”

“She said, ‘Fashion emergency, I have nothing to wear,'” Kim responds, before Kris fired back, saying, “Okay, here’s the problem: why do you need to show up to help? I don’t say anything to you until I feel abandoned. Right now I’m feeling abandoned.”

Fans were stunned by Kris Jenner’s feelings towards Kim for helping Caitlyn find a dress for the Espy Awards since viewers were under the impression the twosome had made up and left their feud in the past.

Kris was initially left fuming when she read the Vanity Fair magazine interview, where her ex-husband completely bashed her, going as far as to brand Jenner a horrible wife.

The momager more or less managed to forgive Caitlyn for the hurtful comments she had made on the issue, which she had also apologized for, but something new must have erupted between the two that has left an icy atmosphere between them, social media users have stressed.

Kim wasn’t aware of the tension between Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, so when her mother began to cry during the phone conversation, the mother of two immediately knew that it wasn’t a laughing matter — Kris Jenner was really upset about it.

“You’ve taken somebody else and said, okay, her feelings don’t matter..” Jenner gushed, Celebuzz shared. I don’t want you to be neutral. From my children I gave birth to, I want loyalty. I don’t want f*****g neutral. Neutral isn’t what I signed up for. That’s what you don’t get.”

It’s a given fact that Kris Jenner has been avoiding Caitlyn by all costs as of late. The duo has not been photographed together in months, and the same thing goes for Khloe, who has never really been able to forgive the former athlete for the things that were said in the Vanity magazine spread.

Kris Jenner has to react to the preview clip of this week’s KUWTK episode. But can you sympathize with Kris about the situation, or do you think she’s overreacting?

Who do you think was wrong in this situation?

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