WWE Spoilers: 'Monday Night Raw' Brings Brock Lesnar's Response To The Return Of Goldberg - 'Hell In A Cell' Go-Home Show

Danny Cox

The return of Bill Goldberg to WWE is one of the biggest storylines in all of wrestling so far this year, but it's only just beginning. Two weeks ago, Paul Heyman made the challenge to Goldberg on behalf of his client Brock Lesnar. Last week, the former World Heavyweight Champion returned and accepted. This week on Monday Night Raw, Lesnar is going home to Minneapolis to discuss his WrestleMania XX rematch with "The Man."

It's the match that many never thought would happen again as no one really thought that Goldberg would ever get back in the ring. If he did, it wasn't expected that he and WWE would ever get past their differences to work together again.

Well, it all started on Monday Night Raw two weeks ago when Paul Heyman called out Goldberg for a match. When Goldberg made his return, it was set and in place, so now, it's time for Lesnar to speak his mind with the match confirmed.

The official website of WWE revealed their full preview for Monday Night Raw in Minneapolis, and there's a lot more happening as well. In the middle of the big return, some may have forgotten that Hell in a Cell is just a week away and there are numerous titles on the line.

Brock Lesnar responds to Goldberg

If WWE wanted to make Goldberg a heel upon his return, then they are doing a good job of it by having Lesnar return home to Minneapolis on Monday to discuss the match. Goldberg is not scheduled to be there, but as reported by Sports Keeda, he is next set to appear on the Halloween night edition of Raw.

The two warriors aren't scheduled to appear on the same show together until Monday Night Raw on Nov. 14 which is the go-home episode for Survivor Series. Yes, things are always subject to change, but the WWE Live Events page has them set for it.

Will friendship be tested in Triple Threat Match main event?

Kevin Owens will have to defend his Universal Title against Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell, but first, he needs to face him in a triple threat match. A match that includes his former friend Chris Jericho, but there may be more than meets the eye to all this.

Jericho cost Owens a win last week, and now, this triple threat match is set up, but don't expect it to go the way of Seth Rollins. The team of Jericho and Owens are likely going to put aside their differences to beat down a common enemy before the PPV.

Cesaro & Sheamus battle The New Day before WWE Hell in a Cell

The former bitter enemies have been doing well as a tag team, but defeating the current and longtime Raw Tag Team Champions won't be easy. Even in non-title matches, The New Day always like to win and the result of this match will say a lot for what may happen next Sunday at the big event when the titles are on the line.

Can Sami Zayn end Braun Strowman's destruction?

Ever since the brand split, Braun Strowman has been on his own without the assistance of The Wyatt Family. Bleacher Report actually believes he has benefited greatly from the split even though WWE has only fed local talents to him on a weekly basis.

Now, Sami Zayn has decided to stand up to him and it's the first real challenge that Strowman is going to face since arriving on the main roster. Yes, he's had a couple of matches but he always had the Wyatts at his back, and now, he's all by himself.

While Zayn is an interesting choice due to the "David and Goliath" comparison, it's going to be fun to see how this feud pans out.

Who will gain key momentum before WWE's first Women's Hell in a Cell Match?

The former long-reigning champ is Charlotte. The new and extremely talented champ is Sasha Banks. Both of these women could win a match over the other on any given day as they're just that talented, but next weekend's PPV is adding a brand new twist to it all and it changes everything.

Each week, one or the other has gotten the best of their opponent, but momentum is needed headed into their WWE Women's Title Match. Both Sasha Banks and Charlotte are going to want to have the advantage as they prepare to step foot inside the unfriendly confines of the Hell in a Cell.

At Survivor Series, the beast and the man will meet again for the first time in over a decade, and it will be amazing or another disaster. It's hard to think the second Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg match will be a debacle, but anything is possible. This week on Monday Night Raw will be the next phase of their feud, but it's only a matter of time until they actually meet face-to-face. In the meantime, there's a lot more going on too and that includes the build-up for Hell in a Cell.

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