‘RHOC’ Star Shannon Beador’s Secret Exposed! Find Out What Vicki Gunvalson Threatened To Reveal

Shannon Beador’s big secret has finally been revealed and it’s a lot more shocking than anyone could have imagined.

What was the Real Housewives of Orange County star hiding?

The controversial secret first popped up when Vicki Gunvalson mentioned it to keep Beador quiet and even threatened to tell everyone if Beador didn’t shape up.

Now, All About The Tea is reporting that the secret has something to do with Beador’s husband, David, and his abusing ways.

Although nothing has been officially confirmed, an insider revealed that David has a long history of beating Beador and Gunvalson has images to prove it!

David’s abusive past has been well documented. Fans are already aware that he was arrested back in 2003 for battery, but this latest news takes everything a step further.


In one incident, David beat Beador to the point that she need two weeks to recover from the bruises.

As previously reported by Inquisitr, Beador showed Gunvalson the bruises and went to great lengths to hide them from other cast members.

“David beat the living s**t out of Shannon. Shannon told Vicki about the abuse in her marriage, and Vicki later shared the info with Kelly [Dodd],” an insider revealed.

Of course, Beador confided in Gunvalson when the ladies were good friends.

“Vicki has photos of Shannon’s bruises from one of the beatings,” the insider continued. “Shannon confided in her when they were close, and sent the shocking pictures to Vicki.”

With their friendship now on the rocks, Gunvalson is willing to tell everyone the truth about Beador’s shocking marriage.

Prior to the ladies trip to Ireland, Gunvalson hinted that she knew something dark about Beador’s past.

The secret was put on hold because of all the drama that unfolded in Ireland, but now that the season almost over, their feud is being revisited.

Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson [Featured Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]
Shannon Beador and Vicki Gunvalson [Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]

In fact, fans can expect Gunvalson to spill everything before Season 11 comes to a close.

There’s no telling when this will happen, and Gunvalson might wait to share until the season finale or reunion.

Meanwhile, Reality Tea is reporting that Beador is taking to the defensive side of things following the drama between her and Kelly Dodd in Ireland.

Shannon Beador was accused of stirring the pot between Tamra Judge and Dodd and trying to get Dodd wasted on the trip back home.

As fans will recall, Beador was the one who told Judge that Dodd was talking about her estranged daughter behind her back.

This ultimately led to a huge fight between Judge and Dodd that allegedly got physical.

“Let me make it clear. I had no intention of hurting one of my best friends. But when Tamra specifically asked me what Kelly and I spoke about, I was not willing to lie,” Beador wrote on her Bravo blog. “Tamra told me what my mother-in-law said about me and it may not have been the best time either, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

'RHOC' Star Vicki Gunvalson Hits It Off With Kelly Meza-Dodd, But Can Her Friendship With Shannon Beador Be Saved? [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]
Kelly Dodd has become quick friends with last season's villain Vicki Gunvalson. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

Beador continued: “But what is most distressing about Kelly’s blog is her statement that Tamra hit her. Tamra did no such thing. She pushed Kelly and quickly walked away. I was witness to everything, as well as the other ladies present. Kelly needs to stop blaming others for her horrendous comments and start telling the truth.”

Unfortunately, cameras were not rolling when the two women got into the altercation, so there’s no telling what happened.

Beador also explained how she wasn’t trying to get Dodd drunk and instead wanted everyone to have a good time as the trip was winding down.

“We were all exhausted at the end of our trip. But we had one last dinner and I wanted everyone to rally and have fun!” Beador explained on her blog. “We were on vacation and I was just trying to end the trip on a high and fun note. Yet Vicki, who had no problem accepting the drinks ordered, said that I had a ‘mission to get to get Kelly drunk.’ Give me a break. No one had an agenda…I didn’t, Tamra didn’t, and Heather didn’t.”

According to Radar Online, Gunvalson told fans during a confessional that Beador was trying to get Dodd drunk.

“Shannon has this mission to get Kelly drunk, because she knows that crazy Kelly will come out,” Gunvalson admitted to the camera. “This is naked wasted all over again.”

Whatever the truth behind Beador’s motives, it is clear that the drama is only going to heat up as the season comes to an end.


Not only will Beador’s secret come unraveled in coming episodes, but there is no telling what Dodd will do or say next.

“It becomes uglier than you can imagine next week. It is unconscionable,” Beador warned fans.

Fans can watch all the drama unfold when new episodes of the Real Housewives of Orange County air Monday nights on Bravo.

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